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It never occurred to me how exhausting it is to help others who hit rock bottom. I am proud to say that at one point I was able to help someone who is completely lagging behind and see that someone soar and overrun others. What is happening right now is the complete opposite of before and the frustrating part is that person threw in the towel and decided to just stay at the bottom no matter how hard it is that you tug at his hands to bring him up to his feet.

It's just so taxing that every time I think of what had happened makes me feel that I didn't exert that much effort. That something was missing and that there's still something that I could have done as an intervention. I could only do so much but at the end of the day, it's still up to that person to rack himself with maturity to rise to the occasion and pick himself from where he stumbled. The saddest part though is being looked in the eye and told "You made a difference and you played your part well."

This job is eating the life out of me and this Messianic complex always kicks in at the most inconvenient time. What I have gotten into is something I never anticipated. Then again, that's where the interesting part kicks in.

I guess I should go back to watching UP for the umpteenth time to complete my weekend. Adventure is out there! The wilderness must be explored!