need a break

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just sitting there and not talking with a far away gaze on our faces. each of us filling the silence with our own thoughts. drowned in random ideas. hearing the crashing of the waves on the sides of the boat. feeling the spray of salt water on our faces and not minding at all because we are all drenched from a quick swim. savoring the coldness of the wind blowing from everywhere and appreciating the vastness of the ocean. communing with nature and hearing your inner you and not minding whats going on with the people around.


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"i can turn my back to the world as long as you're going to stay with me..."

i wasnt expecting to hear something so profound and romantic a line from this movie that i wished right then and there that i was with someone really special. like holdin hands with that someone inside the dark and cold movie house. instead, i found myself holdin my own hands and keeping myself warm since i forgot to bring a jacket. pathetic much? whatevs! that really didnt stopped me from enjoying the movie and laughing out loud with my friend at every silly scene. it was light and good and the effects wowed me.

a friend warned me that i might go out of the movie house singing "cant smile without you" and i did. i fell for it that even now as i am writing i am hearing the music loud and clear in my head.

p.s. hellboy looks hot in tight leather pants. no wonder "fire girl Liz" aka selma blair is carrying a twin. that leaves me thinking though how their babies would like.

cheese all you can

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pizza all you can!

that was the news brought to us by someone who for the sake of anonimity and confidentiality we'll just call -- alfie. for just $149 you can eat all the pizza that you want until 2pm. beat that! so pizza lovers that we are, i together with my three equally gorgeous officemates barged to greenwich ayala to savor their mouth watering baked pies.

i was really thinking of their pizza overload which is, in fairness to greenwich is pretty tasty but when we got their and paid our bill, we were informed that they are only serving hawaiian and pepperoni pizza. no big deal, bring in the layers and layers of pizza and lets start the slaughter of dough and cheese and all those bazillion calories.

we chose a spot but was then told that we were to seat on the enclosed area. darn, no boys in site and the view was horrid! nevertheless that didnt dampen our spirits. carol ordered for royal but since they dont have that available we settled for a pitcher of coke while waiting for our food.

minutes later, they started serving the pizza. j asked if its possible that they just leave a layer on our table that way they need not go back and forth serving and it would be more convenient on our part since we need not wait for them to serve another slice and our dining wont be disrupted. but no! they are not allowed to do that so whatevs. they served our first slice of pizza but make it two for me since the service crew was eyeing me salaciously and he was trying to win my smile. promise! haha. that infuriated carol who felt less beautiful over me then. cant do anything about beauty dahling! im just naturally beautiful with or without make-up. so anyhoo, the first batch was the pepperoni pizza and we were really mortified when they served it. all alone in the very center of the slice of dough sat the very lonely pepperoni drowned in a sea of melted cheese.

the pizza experience was not that great and all four of us agreed that we felt robbed of our $149. really thats not much but $149 is still $149 and you cant just see that amount of mula growing like weeds in plaza independencia, no? it was more of a CHEESE ALL YOU CAN experience. its like eating a handful of melted cheese. i swear! its like dough covered in cheeseeeeee with scanty toppings of pepperoni and pineapple. i went home bloated and with the taste of cheese still on my mouth.

on the brighter side of things, gatherings and bonding moments like that gives us time to sit and just talk about anything apart from work. and of course the cam whores never failed to pose for the camera.

hot sauce anyone?

check out the damage..

hopelessly devoted

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If some one loves a flower, of which just one single blossom grows in all the millions and millions of stars, it is enough to make him happy just to look at the stars. He can say to himself, 'Somewhere, my flower is there . . .'

for the first time.

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i just saw the movie everyone has been talking about on local tv: for the first time. methinks the acting was so bad. i know its KC's first time on a major role in a movie and my friend is so defending her to death (because she's delusional and she thinks she's KC's long lost sister) but what the heck for $150? I personally think its not worth the price if you wanted to see something of good quality.

i spent the grueling movie just making remarks and comments the way janice dickenson does in ANTM and the person sitting right next to me is sooo to the rescue for her. im no longer even sure if she is my friend or KC's because everytime i say something not so nice about her acting, she pinches me in the arm or twist my hands.

so the film opens with KC jogging with this blue tank top and she doesnt even look fabulous or stunning. sorry dahling friend, i aint digging her looks and her acting and not much of her singing either. shoot me if you must but everything was just a blah. its mediocre.

i wasnt really even watching the movie anymore after 10 minutes. i wanted to get out of the movie house but these guys are determined to see it to the end. everytime i look at richard I always remember annabelle rama's transcript with her interview with ogie diaz.. i can visualize her mouth in bloody red lipstick mumbling the name: rechard! rechard! si rechard dong! si rechard! gosh.. lagi nlang si rechard!

and the time KC and rechard lip locked, i was thinking of his brother raymond getting all hot breath (as my friend would love to say it) with her. and there was this scene inside the car when KC was all drama queen and she was trying to like really cry and break down but to me she looked as if she was having a miscarriage in the car or that could be dysmenorrhea for all i know!

maybe i am bias with these new bred of artist or whatever but i think the only reason why people talks about her is because she is the Crying Lady's daughter. i mean its the mega-star.. full stop. she has nice looks alright, that i would give her but i dont think she is cut to act on screen. she can do commercials and modelings but movies, i dont know. that really made me wonder how the movie became a blockbuster.

i have realized though the importance of having comediennes in movies like these. if not for candy pangilinan and her effervescent boyfriend, the movie would have been a complete drag. i think she should win the best actress role if ever this movie will ever get nominated by any award giving bodies.

nothing personal really, just my two cents. as john milton said: opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making. (although I doubt i am a good man.. teehee..)