my most unproductive night.

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I woke up and I was running late for work. I hailed a cab and asked if he can literally fly the vehicle to work. He stepped on it and we are zooming past cars and pedestrians so I can still get there not later than two hours on the supposed log-in time. The driver sure did empathize with me and he was able to get me to my destination in no time. Then, as I was about to step out of the cab someone called me saying he needs a little of bit rescuing. He got stood up by his date. Great!

Since the devil was so good at teasing me with his time plan, I caved in and before I know it the driver was looking at me as if I were a loony who jumps inside his car and asked if he can apparate me from where I hailed him to my work and now to the cinemas. Need I elaborate how evil my friends are and how saintly I am?

So I waited for him for a couple of minutes and then we proceeded to buy some tickets and off he goes with his litany about dates who always bail out the last minute. Sigh! I've been dreading New Moon because we'll, I just don't like how Edward looks (no offense to the fans of the said saga. Peace tayo!) and how cheesy the lines are. Mind you, I was the one who introduced the story to some friends and I'm now one of those who are saying nay to the entire brouhaha.

In the middle of the movie, I asked my friend if he would like to be friends with both werewolves and vampires. Probably because he was still not over the fact that he got stood up he asked, "and then both of them will be in love with me?" I then reminded him that he is not Bella and never will be even if he gets a boob job.

Though he got stood up, he has a reason to be thankful. Why? Because incidentally, his brother was in the same movie house with his girlfriend and it would be a riot if his brother will see him with a guy for a date. He never realized this, I have to point out the obvious to him and I hope it made his day!

Close to three hours after, I am on my way to work and because my stomach was complaining because I haven't had any meal since that morning, I dropped by to yet another fast food chain to grab some chow. I know, I am not living a healthy lifestyle and whatnot. I gobbled the burger in less than 5 minutes and downed the pineapple juice and a can of coke. Now I'm full but now I don't feel like working anymore either. Dang!

So I decided to take a nap in my workstation since no one is around anyway except for my partner. I asked her to wake me up after 30 minutes just so that I will have the energy to work. I am like a boa constrictor who after eating will go hibernating for quite a while until I will have digested what I consumed. But no, scratch that. Instead of waking up and going back to work. I decided to just call it a day. Now there's goes another unproductive night. Blah!

another one bites the dust

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Just recently, the blogosphere has been bombarded with issues regarding love and sex and how the two gets intertwined and confused by some. Well.. another one bites the dust! A couple of minutes after I tidied my workstation to start working for the day, a friend barged in and said he has something to tell me. Okay, I'm all ears! So he started telling me about this guy he used to see and some of our friends reject because... well lets just say our circle of friends are mean and feelingeras and they think they are uber blessed with good looks and the guy is somewhat off the radar.

Anyway, though I feel for him because of what happened between him and the sea urchin... errr... the guy, I cannot help but laugh because I totally saw it coming. Not that I disapprove what's going on between the two of them but rather because with how he narrated how things were going, I can sense that this is another one that will go down the drain faster than he can let down his golden hair so his prince charming can give it a tug.

The good thing though is, he just laughed at the entire hullabaloo instead of bawling his eyes out, getting drunk and dragging me along to go videoke in a jam packed bar. Yeah, he sure was full of guts that time and mind you, he was on the verge of tears while singing. Embarrassing!

Now what cracked me up while he was telling me his story were the classic lines the guy gave him. Imagine being asked "Why me?" "Can we just be friends?" and "Don't tell me you're in love with me?"

And of course my friend being the drama queen that she is, asked the guy: "So all the while, it was just me who's in love here. I thought the feeling is mutual." Gawd! I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth. But of course since I was supposed to be the shoulder to cry on, I fronted a serious face and tried to console him the best I can.

Then of course the scene won't be complete without me saying my scripting. So I donned on my sweetest smile and told him, "My friend, remember in these times it is always best not to assume. Sex is just sex and regardless of how great it is, you're not to confuse it with love. Weeks ago, you said he is no longer contacting you. Not returning your calls and not even texting back as to how he's doing. A guy who's into you won't wait more than two or three days even to get in touch with you. Bottom line: he's not into you!"

"But the sex was great, he's sweet and all that" he countered. "Oh well, if that's the case then make him your fuck buddy," I answered. The thing is, the guy won't even kiss him the night he stomped on my friend's heart and mind you my friend wants to go to bed that night with him.

On the brighter side of the spectrum, the reason why my friend isn't grieving that much is because he found another one. This new guy exerted a lot of effort just to get his number that he asked a lot of friends and finally got what he wants. Is that a good thing or what? Now, the more pressing concern is whether the guy is really serious or if he's just in for another ride. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's tons of fish in the water so go figure how to fish!

a text message

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"Hun, how come wala ka nibisita nako? Kalagon jud taka!"

Those were the exact words in the text message I received on my way to work. Hon, why didn't you visit me? I will haunt you????? Creepy! I was left completely bewildered and I was honestly spooked out!

Then I realized that the only person who calls me Hun is the same girl who got shot on her way to work. Who got robbed and helpless as she was, being so skinny and for crying out loud for being a girl, she got shot on the chest which ended up puncturing her lungs.

I came to work that night completely hyped to hear that our department bagged a place during the recently concluded inter-account quiz bowl. Then the news completely blew the enthusiasm out of me and I was weak on the knees that I needed to sit down to calm myself. It's situations like that that really makes me shut up and just think of how fortunate I was during the time that I got mugged and all my stuff were taken away from me. Although I was left bleeding on the side, it was just a small cut and I wasn't really stabbed or plunged to death with the freaking knife.

She was at the hospital for a week and because of the crazy schedule due to the client visit and whatnot, I completely lost track of time and failed to visit her. I know, I know.. Nobody can rely on me when it comes to time management. I suck big time at it! They said she was hooked to various wires and there were tubes inserted her body and now she's all stitches.

She is a good friend, although one hell of a whining agent and a self confessed bitch, nobody has the right to just take her life away from her. What has happened to the world? I know I have to make up for not being there at the hospital but thank heavens she's now OK! If (God forbid!) you will ever encounter such incident, give away whatever you have with you. Things are replaceable. Your life is not!

She's recuperating quite well and hopefully she'll be back on her feet to continue with her battles. And yeah, I guess I deserve that text message. I will just get even with her if she's completely healed.

its a s.l.o.w. friday

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Got in here at 8PM, it's still 4AM and I won't be hauling myself out of this place not until 9AM. Blah!

The things that happened within the past few hours:

1. Saw someone crying because they just lost a site-wide dancing competition. Err... I usually empathize with people who are so emotional but this time, I feel like laughing at her face. I mean come on, losing is part of the game. You hope but you don't expect! Besides, their performance sucks big time. I swear!

2. Someone gave me Starbucks again, I don't know why but since it's for free then Thank You!

3. And of course, drinks are better appreciated if there's food. Lo and behold, KFC Zinger is here to save the day. Thank you so much again? Teehee.. I know I'm unhealthy.

4. I also heard from an old friend and was completely aghast to know that now he's got a son??? Oh well, I guess he's finally moved on.

5. Then I got this cute email. Some people are just so "emo" that they even drag fruits along with their emo-ness but this "art" really made me smile like this: (^_______________^)

6. And I just met another blogger earlier: Dhon
Go check out his page. Suddenly, after meeting people (bloggers) the past days I feel like going out and meeting other bloggers. I mean, it's good to be back in touch with the world, out of the dark and dank cave that I've been living in. I feel human again. So any bloggers wanna meet up?

And who knows what will happen the next few hours. I still have 5 hours to go. It sure is a slooooow Friday, oh it's now Saturday. Now I lost track of the days.

me, myself and my stupidity

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This will be a quick post as I have more pressing things to attend to. I am here at work on a freakin' Sunday because there are a lot of back logs. Anyway this entry is about how silly and stupid I can get and how my stupid pranks backfired at me.

Since it's a Sunday the office is very quiet and I have the place all to myself. My partner will be coming over to finish her part of the back logs. I usually play tricks on her scare her to death by hiding under the desk and giving her a coronary the moment she sees me lurking there like Toshio from The Grudge.

One time she was late and she sent me an SMS saying she will just make up for being late and buy me dinner at KFC. So fine, apology accepted. The moment she entered the office I heard her ask the guard outside if I am still in. I was nowhere to be seen, I was hiding under her desk and I pulled the chair forward so she won't see me. She almost threw the food at me as pulled her chair and I started crawling out of the desk. She was shrieking like a mad banshee and she was torn between crying and laughing out loud.

Now, I got in first again and I heard someone at the entrance. So I quickly hid behind the door to scare her and then laugh at her face. I know, I am mean. This time though as I've said my silliness backfired because who came in was not my partner but my manager! Eerrr, she sure got surprised and gave out a shriek but she almost smacked me. I just lamely said I thought she was the person I was expecting to come in and asked her why she's here on a Sunday.

"What we're you thinking? Are you trying to kill me?"
she asked.

Uhhhmm.. Maybe? She just laughed after though so I guess it wasn't that bad.

im addicted

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I used to say that I will never fall into the wickedness of massage and massage salons. I am not just saying that for the hell of it but I have my reasons. First, I am very ticklish that even the slightest contact of the hand on my body will make me squirm like as if I am set on fire. Silly really but that's just how my body reacts. Another thing is, every time I get a full body massage the next day I am sick, literally. With snot running down my nasal orifice and whatnot. Then I remember that at the start of the year I made a New Year's resolution: never say never.

So I confess, I ended up eating my words because now I am addicted to Thai massage. I am still ticklish but its sheer heaven hearing bones cracking (including my body) inside the spa. A bit sado-masochistic but that's just me. I had my full Thai body massage for the fourth time in four straight days. I don't know if that's a good thing or what but I'm enjoying it.

Then last Monday, while I was lying on the mat waiting for the masseuse to shatter my body to fragments, I remember the things I shared with my friends in reference of course to massage since that's what I am writing about now. There's my good friend who every after drinking session goes straight to a massage parlor to get his body caressed, fondled and what not by the masseur and errr.. the rest is too graphic to be talked about here. I just hope you got my drift though.

Then there's my other friend who fell in love with his masseur. Kind of weird really because he had a boyfriend and his lame excuse was he just wants a diversion. Well to each his own. Good thing though he ended the quasi-relationship before went completely bonkers over the guy, else he would be running after his money.

Then I remembered one time, we ended another drinking spree at around 5am in the morning and this friend started looking for an open parlor. Where are we supposed to go at that unholy hour to get a massage? There are a few around the city that are still open but he doesn't want to do it with a masseuse. So we scoured the outskirts of the city and even came to this spa/salon/whore house in A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City. Thinking that they have masseurs inside because of this huge poster of David Boreanaz half naked we parked outside and asked around.

They charged P1500 for an hour of massage and that includes everything and I don't want to know what "every" includes BUT they don't have any masseurs. Mind you, the moment we entered the establishment we can hear moaning and beds creaking. Upon hearing the welcoming sounds my friend made a dash for the door as if he just got burned. Oh and by the way, in case you might be interested to check out the place it's Duke Massage.

So I guess the world of massage, masseuse and masseurs is like a breathing niche of interesting lives. Kind of like a little underground coven only with more people involved. Errr, scratch that! I suck with analogies. And before I end this post there's this online guy who messaged me who claimed that he's straight and yet he's been offering lingam massage and more for a good 4 years now. As if I'm buying that crap! If you don't know what lingam massage is go figure and let me know your thoughts!

atleast i feel loved.

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I feel so loved today. A good friend just came back from her trip from Manila and she got me a pack of hopia with mocha flavor which is kind of weird and at the same time something new to my palate. There's also this pandan flavor which I think tastes better than the mocha ones. Then earlier my mother called me up, initially upset because I haven't been in touch for days (and that's because I didn't buy any prepaid credits for my phone as I hardly make use of it) but in the end told me that she misses me a lot and that she loves me.

Then while inside the cab on my way to work the driver was very kind to ask me if the AC was just ok and that he'll adjust it if I want. Something trivial really but doesn't happen a lot so I say it's worth noting. Then out of nowhere one of the leaders gave me Starbucks coffee. Not really into fancy coffee (and something more expensive than a 3-in-1 Nescafe is already fancy for me) but he gave it for free so why not! Then my seatmate, although she raised her eyebrows at the gesture, gave me some of her rice cakes. So now I have coffee and cakes. Sweet!

Everyone is more than willing to feed me and I don't even look like a malnourished animal. What can I say, I'm easy to please. Before the end of the day I might end up bloated but at least I feel loved!

when I snap, I bite.

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Lately, I just feel so snippy that I have the tendency to start biting anyone who gets in my way. From last Friday until last night, I snapped a couple of times. First was when this fling turned into super cheesy friend started bugging me and go drama queen. He texted me asking if I would like to meet up that day to jog. I haven't been feeling well lately so I declined but he made a big fuzz about it saying I have been eluding him for months now. I don't know what he had for lunch that time but he started throwing daggers at me until we had a heated verbal opposition. He lambasted me saying "I am playing hard to get and it's not as if I am good looking enough for him to go loco over." Take that!

I grew my horns right there and then and skewered him to kingdom come. So I sent him a reply: "I know I'm not good looking and what is it to you anyway? I know my worth and how come you keep on asking for sex? If I'm not that hot you would have taken a clue and walked away when I started ignoring you. You are so lame!" I know that sounds too cocky but I felt being defensive. He texted back: "Sorry. It's just that I'm bored and I feel like bugging you." "Yeah right! You can take your boredom up your ass cause I'm not in the mood to play your silly games," I quipped.

Another instance was with this new online friend. He is a blogger that I've seen around but never said hi to and we were supposed to meet up and chitchat over my happy food. I didn't take my dinner that night thinking that we were going to push through with our meet up. So I went to work with an empty stomach. I was a bit ecstatic to finally meet up with another blogger aside from the usual crowd that I hang out with. He was online when I logged in and I confirmed if we are going to push through with the meet up. I don't know what happened but he started telling me that he feels I was just being forced to meet up with him and that I don't really feel like meeting up at all. Errr.. I didn't take my dinner??? We ended up not meeting that night and I don't know if we ever will.

Then last night, my two brothers, my older brother's girlfriend and her two friends decided to go videoke. They arrived late and I felt sorry for my brother for he has been calling her but she is not picking up. She was not in the mood when she arrived and she started whining at my brother. That did it! I snapped again and went after her neck. "If you don't feel like coming you could have informed us ahead of time instead of ruining our night. This was you're idea and I don't appreciate you throwing tantrums when we waited for close to two hours here without a word from you." Then I excused myself and played DOTA to make myself feel better. I was just so annoyed I feel like literally eating her alive.

And that didn't end there. When I paid for my usage at the cafe where I played DOTA, the bitch at the counter started complaining that she doesn't have change for my bill. My eyebrow hit the ceiling and I started growling to warn her that I am to go after her neck. My vitriolic tongue is about to spit acid shit on her face. Good thing she left her post.

My youngest brother then called me up and we met at Jollibee to have my usual happy food for snacks. He told me that I was just so mean to my brother's girlfriend and that she felt humiliated. He was laughing when he told me that my face looks so funny when I'm annoyed. I'm just so transparent that they can feel the tension inside the room. I guess that's just me. I am no good with poker face or what have yous. I just hope this week will be totally different.

fries and sundae: my own brand of happy food

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There are times when we feel so defensive and territorial to the point that we get annoyed when other people are hanging around with our friends and our friends opted to join them for a change of environment. Happens a lot really and I guess it's kind of normal for people to feel a pang of jealousy every time they feel abandoned. It's not really that they are being left out or forsaken it's just that it's wise to sometimes detach yourself with the people you usually tag along with. You need to grow and that would mean jumping out of your comfort zones. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt.

We don't really have to limit and have our world revolve around the lives of our friends. Even husbands and wives don't share the same activity everyday, yet they know who they go home to. How much more can you expect from friends? Letting each other broaden horizons is the best thing to do. Though it's natural to sometimes feel a twinge of envy towards those people whom your friends are spending time with, remember that if those people you regard as friends are your real friends then through thick and thin, despite the new acquaintances they meet along the way, they will always put you in the bigger picture.

As to the reason why I'm blabbering again, I remember my other friend last Sunday was a tad disappointed when he saw that one of our friends is hanging around with new faces. Not just that, I am trying to make myself understand as well that really: it's easier said than done. I am in that position right now and I'm currently eating my heart out while looking at my friend's album with her new friends. It's just one of those days when I feel like being selfish and no, I won't tolerate this for long. So I'm off to grab my happy food or junk: fries and sundae.