so long, farewell, goodbye

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While I was celebrating my birthday and while basking over everyone's attention and greetings, someone close to my heart has been suffering for his loss. Well, I'm not really sure if he is a he or if he is a she. You see, there was a tragic accident and I was not able to get there on time. Heck, had it been that I was able to see the entire mishap I would probably have felt helpless anyway and I would likely just sit there and watch the life taken out of him. Worst would be for me to run in circles and all the more not do anything to help him out.

I failed him and it's just sad looking at him all by himself now, all alone, no one to talk to and feeling the cruelties of the world. He doesn't talk to me either. So I just sit there and look at him wander about, wondering what goes on in his mind.

It must have been pretty hard to keep on doing those mundane things you normally do without the other one around. It's just painful that sometimes I'd rather not watch and just leave him all by himself.

May you rest in peace and to you who has been left behind, may you have the courage to face the world and continue to live on for another 10 years?!?

His partner in crime got squished by that "boulder" and splat him to kingdom come.

Can someone tell me how to tell the sex of a turtle? Oh wait, scratch that.. I'll just go google it. That's the least I can do in honor of the critter.

another year

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"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
~Abraham Lincoln

Now who says getting older is such a scary thought? A birthday after all is just another first day of our 365-day journey around the sun. So yeah, I just turned 26! Thank you dear Father!

Energizer Run

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There are several interesting things about joining Fun Runs. Other than the fact that the city's eye candies are gathered in one location, you also get to see how their girlfriends parade them as if they are their trophies. Well I'd definitely do the same if and only if I have someone I can put a leash on and run like they do in dog shows.

But no, I usually go with my running mates (read: office mates) and just ogle over those interesting "things" while they breeze past you all sweaty but still smelling so sexy. So we joined the Energizer Run last Saturday which was co-sponsored by the network GMA 7. It was fun although their program was pretty boring. So we just ran and skipped their "fun(?)activity" as their host said.

While waiting for the cue for everyone to gather in the Starting Line, there was a band (which I forgot the name) playing in the background and my lovely office mate got consumed by the beat and started dancing like crazy. Unknowingly there was a camera at her back and everything was captured on video. (I just hope that the video would end up in YouTube and she will be the next Lady Gaga (!) on the internet. I would love to see the look of her husband when he sees that video. I'm sure he would start to think of reasons why he married her.)

There were local celebrities and not quite done with her little stint, she started acting like Sisa and kept on screaming and waving at the guy on top of the van who was reporting about the run. I decided to take a little step backwards and pretended I was not with her. I then asked her who the guy was and she doesn't even know. Great!

Then the fireworks went off which marked the start of the race, she was just beside me when it started but I decided to leave her behind and sped off. 20 minutes later, I reached the finish line. Another 20 minutes passed and I was still waiting for her. Finally after another 10 minutes, she arrived looking pale and sticking her tongue out as if she was about to keel over. At last, she was all silent and behave! Fun Runs are more interesting when you bring your silly friends with you.

money, sex and power

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"Money is power. Sex is power. Having sex while getting paid is double the power."

Gawd! Now, that's one of the reason why I really dream of becoming a courtesan.

the mouth speaks what the heart is full of

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I like talking with strangers. Aside from playing DOTA which I normally do during weekends, engaging in talks with random people is like my form of diversion and stress reliever. Not really on the streets as I am too shy to do that but online. Besides, I think people would give me that queer gaze if I approach them and ask how their day is. But that would be a nice thought, I mean approaching people and just chitchat with them as if you've known them for ages and not worrying about them giving you this crazy look as if you've just grown a huge mole on your nose.

So yeah, just this morning since we don't have work last night because of this 4th of July in the U S of A (Thanks to our American friends who hired me and helped me bring food to the table) I spent some time online just reading what people are writing on the main chatroom. Then this random guy buzzed me. And since I'm a sucker for people who are so good with the Tagalog language, I indulged and listened to him rant about his love life not working out. Nothing out of the ordinary really but what made me think and pushed me to write today is more of what I said to the guy.

"Well that's how things are lately. People are kind scared of love. Not really of love but from the hurt that goes with love. And as the old adage goes: prevention is better than cure. So people tend to walk on pavements instead of taking chances and tread the streets."

And then he said, "Wow! Did you just speak for yourself?"

Shit! I feel like banging my head on the wall a thousand times. I am such a drama junkie.