a sad Tuesday

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Tuesdays are no better than Mondays. Other than not getting enough sleep still, I'm swamped with reports that need to be finished, other than that I need to attend to two meetings wherein I'm not even sure if my presence is needed. I usually just sit there and pretend I understand what everyone is talking about while I doodle on my notebook, fighting the urge to doze off and snore while everyone shares their two cents of the issue at hand.

This Tuesday however is a bit sad. We had our early "team huddle" and other than talking about our means of reaching out to those victims of the recent typhoon, we were informed that one of our co-workers passed away. She is not the kind of girl who goes to work with her face caked with foundation and make-up or what have yous. She is not the typical corporate slave who works for all the vanities in life she wants. And it's sad to see that someone so young and full of life at 21 was taken away without warning.

She was a consistent top performer in their account from the very start and until the last day that she went to work, she's been thinking of how her team will perform and the food that she needs to bring to the table. She helps her dad who is a baker feed the family but her income is what's keeping the family stay afloat.

A scholar and a cum laude graduate in one of the finest universities in this city, she never failed her family and kept their spirit alive with her promises that soon enough she will haul them out of poverty. Until her last day of work she never thought of anything else but the welfare of the team and offset the others' absenteeism even though she is already suffering with a terrible headache. I salute you for your unselfish ways of approaching your stressful job.

After schooling she applied to this company and got hired and was about to be regularized a month from now but I guess that will no longer happen. As she was still under probationary, she still doesn't have any life insurance and that is now her family's bane. That day, from work she was already complaining about her headache until she asked her mother to rush her to the hospital because she can no longer stand the pain. Hours after she fell, into a coma. She joined the Creator the next day after being pronounced dead due to aneurysm.

The saddest part is, now that she is gone the family is crippled with the bills and until they can pay the PhP72,000 the hospital won't release her body. I understand that that's how hospitals work, "business is business" but they should also find means to bend the rules without breaking it. If only I have resources to bitch slap those greedy hospital administrators with the money they need I could have done that but for now, I guess what I can offer is my little help and my prayers.

You are a loss not just to your family and friends but to your team and to the industry. A promising young lady full of zest to prove to the world that you can make it despite the financial hurdles. I tip my hat to you and I hope that wherever you are right now, you will be in peace looking and watching over your loved ones.

Aling Dionisia

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This lady sure is having her fair share of the limelight with her son. Of course, not everyone enjoyed looking at her face plastered on our tubes but you can complain all you want and she won't give a rat's ass. I personally don't take pleasure looking at her every time her ads come up on TV and I get to see her on the news dancing the tango but I don't detest her that much either.

A friend however makes a huge fuzz every time he sees her. She is his brand of pet peeve and I really enjoy seeing him cringe at the sight of her. Every time I receive something in the mail about her I never fail to forward it to my friend. And lookie here, this is what I got the moment I opened my mail his --- personal bugbear.

In all fairness she looks close to being 14 again here.

these two are a crazy bunch and i think they should go separate ways...

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Who is to be blamed?

Boy says he is truly-madly-deeply (yes like the song!)in love with the girl. Girl is head over heels over Boy. It was kizmet or so that's what they think. The moment they met up, they were like a crazy wake of vultures pecking at each other. They were happy and it seems like they just can't get enough of each other. Everything went smoothly the first few months. Until one day...

Boy suddenly started to doubt Girl's intentions. He summoned his minions and started investigating Girl, sleuthing wherever Girl goes and checking on her every now and then. Girl said she always doubt Boy's loyalty and feels that Boy has a lot of side dishes and she doesn't like that. She checked on Boy's emails and found out that Boy has a lot of monkey business.

Boy's effort to rummage the skeletons inside Girl's closet was fruitful. He found out that aside from him, Girl has a two other paramours and are still contacting her every now and then. Boy got mad but never said anything to Girl because he "loves" her.

Then Girl figured out one of Boy's darkest secrets. Boy is married! Girl feels like dying. She is hurting and thinks that the world is over for her.

of sex and chocolates and kinky friends

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While it is true that girls talk about sex as much as men do, it's totally different if the person you're talking with gets too graphic and details what happened behind closed doors with no inhibitions at all. My bitch of a seat mate is back (and yes, she's really a bitch). After a week of being out of the office and basking in the sun in Palawan with her American boyfriend, she is finally back and glowing. Of course I wouldn't allow her to sit next to me if she doesn't have any "peace offering" for dumping her obligations for the previous week to me. So she bought me a bag full of chocolates. Yum yum yum...

She is however "sore" according to her. As to why, well I'm pretty sure you have an inkling as to what will happen if you get reunited with your boyfriend after awhile of separation (read: LDR) right? She sure needs someone to staple her mouth as I am getting nauseated with her detailed account of how her vacation went. She will have Margie Holmes run for her money and I am left blushing and feeling embarrassed with what she's saying. I can tolerate lewdness with friends but it's a different thing if one starts showing all the love bites she has.

"What the eff happened to you?" I asked.

"Well, you know what these are! Don't pretend you don't have an idea. Innocence is not your last name," she quipped.

With that I gave her a smack on the head. "You bitch! Your boyfriend is a leech. Good thing he wasn't able to suck the soul out of you. He's about to eat you alive!So that's why you have your collar up eh?"

"I know right and look here..." She then proceeded to show me the hickeys on her cleavage and two at the back of her thighs. Before she could start stripping herself inside the work place I had her stopped. I don't want to see what happened to her down there.

"Guess what?"


"You should try having sex with your body covered with chocolate." she added with an evil laugh.

My eyes traveled from the bag of chocolates she gave me and the evil nasty grin pasted on her face. What was she thinkin'?

"Stop! You guys are so kinky."

round one, fight!

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I hate Mondays just like everyone else. I don't get to have enough sleep and I usually go to work feeling groggy and irritable. (So yeah, don't talk to me the moment I stepped in the office on a Monday shift, I bite.) Anyhow, since I don't want to force myself to go to dreamland this afternoon as that will just give me a headache, I decided to go to the mall with mom. We headed to the nearest mall and had our late lunch after which I had some games downloaded to my PSP.

The store for downloading was near the foodcourt and for some freakin reason the place was crowded with teenagers. I hate them. Not because I am old and they are young but because I hate how they look. I have nothing against gothic-emo-looking teenagers or however you want to describe them but it would be beneficial for everyone if they could atleast take a shower before heading to a populated place like the mall.

Now this post is not mainly about them and about me being sore because of seeing them but rather its about catfight. Yes, I love to see girls fighting. Not just the verbal argument and what have yous but the real pugilism, hair grabbing and slapping sans the boxing ring. Oh yeah! Girls are just so sexy when they bare their fangs and feline claws.

While waiting for the downloading to be done, my mom and I were busy looking at those action figures the store was selling. Suddenly a commotion started outside. And lo and behold, two girls were grabbing a handful of each other's hair. Sexy! Then there was slapping and kicking and more hair grabbing. It was like a scene out of a movie and I my eyes were glued to the two. Then of course the guards came and pacified the two and brought them to I don't know where. I was sad. Show is over. Back to normal programing people.
Kids these days are warfreaks and they are a source of unlimited entertainment, I tell you!

I was feeling nosy that time so I asked around what happened before that. I was told that the two were arguing over a guy when suddenly the shorter girl threw her cellphone to the other girl and it hit her on the face. Whapppakkkk! I'm pretty sure she'll be having a pretty little bump on her head. I would be pretty impressed with myself if I were the guy, I mean who in his or her right mind would start a fight inside the mall because of an effin boy?? I say bring in the boxing gloves and the mouth piece but can we just do it inside the boxing ring?

which is more painful: getting cheated emotionally or physically?

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While waiting for the meeting to start, one of my officemates nonchalantly asked me:

"Which is more painful, being cheated emotionally or physically?"

“What's this all about?” I asked. And before I was able to open my mouth again, the person next to me butted in gave her thoughts. According to her for them girls, being cheated emotionally is more painful. I looked at her and said, “You're not even a girl for crying out loud!” For that I got a smack on the head. Ouch! Ok, I deserved that.

“It's the other one for us guys. Knowing that you're being cheated physically is way painful and I know how it feels,” my guy friend answered. Boohoo!

The topic became an instant issue during the meeting that we get to talked about cheating instead of going directly to the issue that needs to be addressed. I say, there is no difference. One is as bad as the other and no matter how you look at it, there's just no good that will come out of it.

Then I found out that she thinks her husband is cheating on her and she partly takes the blame. Sad. Really.

tired and feeling dejected...

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"Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be this hard.

Oh, take me back to the start."

love makes the world go round

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"One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul, and yet no one ever comes to sit by it."
-Vincent van Gogh

My heart goes out to my friend when he said that its high time that he finds a partner after years of being alone and lonely. But I commend the audacity and courage of Granny. Despite her age she still knows how to color her world red.

At the age of 107 who would have thought that a woman like her is still in the look out for another partner? While I am shooting at the sky to find my perfect match, dear granny is already on her 23rd husband and counting??

the day i realized some kids are really evil

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Cheryl of www.starbucksbreak.blogspot.com never failed to amuse me every time I go to her page and sleuth her. She is the first blogger I came across who posted an entry about kids being Satan worshippers. And incidentally she was the first person I thought of yesterday when I came across this real Satan worshipper of a kid. For the first time I looked at kids as despicable mean creatures and I was itching to just smack him on the head if only that's politically correct.

Anyhow, I met up with a friend yesterday afternoon and decided to hang out at a cafe to play DOTA. We stayed there for hours and when our stomachs were complaining that its about time to eat, we headed to Jollibee to grab some chow. The place was jam-packed since its a Sunday and the mass from the nearest church just ended.

So we chose a spot and I sat down to reserve the seats while my buddy ordered the food. There were kids running around and the entire place was a riot of unruly imps. I was busy texting with my other friend asking him to come and join us when suddenly I felt something on my back. It was wet. Cold at the same time.

I looked back and there he was, the spawn of Satan. Pretending to be innocent while covering his mouth as if shocked with what he just did. I can sense that he was snickering inside. I got up and felt the ice cream dripping on my shirt. The cone dropped to the floor with a flop and I was like what the f*** do you think you're doing you creep??

I was probably already red on the face because the kid ran towards his mom. I could have eaten him alive right there and then. He could have made a good main course. The mom didn't even bother apologizing for what her kid did to me but she just sat there and laughed! She effing laughed at what happened!

The worst part was my friend laughed along with her and I was left all alone about to explode that I can feel my veins pulsating in my temples. Grrrr.. I hate kids!

i want nobody but you!

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This is just a quick post since I have a lot of things to do as I am bombarded with requests and backlogs after being out of the office for 4 days. I got this email from a friend and I'm not really sure if this is for real or just another story from someone who's good with photoshop.

Anyhow, I got this pic through email. Not really sure as to where this came from but if this were for real I would definitely start memorizing the song, together with the dance steps with matching arms akimbo (that's in Korean of course!).


the distinctions of men and sea critters on a sunday night

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It’s been awhile since I started my hiatus from going to bars and dancing to the beat of eargasmic music like a totally inept person (I know, I suck at dancing).

So since I promised a friend that I will finally come out of my cave, I tagged along last Sunday to yet another bingeing with them. (My friends are so good with punishing their livers almost every weekend.)

After an hour or so of howling like a pack of deranged hyenas at a videoke shop, we decided to check out the infamous Numero Doce. For a Sunday, the place was still packed with regular drunkards.

They spotted some of their friends, made some beso and finally settled next to two guys whose names I can no longer recall. The middle-aged guy was a doctor and the other one was a nurse who was able to smite my friends heart faster than he can spell f-c-u-k. That’s another blog entry of course.

While everyone was busy nursing on their beers, I just sat there and scanned the place for anyone interesting. For some reason my radar wont pick up anyone worth the attention within a 50 mile radius. Tsk…tsk… I feel so out of place. So I started a conversation with the person to my right.

Me: For a Sunday, the place is still peopled with all these butterflies or whatever you call them.

Friend: Yeah! Look at those prawns! (pasayans).

Me: I know right. This place is like an extension of District 9.

Friend: So you’ve seen the movie?

Me: Yeah! Went to see the flick instead of UP.

Friend: And look at those old closet fags. I think they’ve just realized that Numero Doce is their kind of place. They look so straight acting but look at how they sway their hips. (Incidentally, Single Ladies was booming in the background.)

Me: Haha. You are such a bitch!

Most of my friends are mean and their meanness comes really handy when you’re bored and in dire need of entertainment.

Friend: Look at that guy. I swear he looks like Manny Pacquiao.

Me: Buang! So if guys with hot bodies with not so pleasant to look at faces are called prawns, what do you call his type? (referring to Mr. Manny)

Friend: They are the sea urchins! They are still part of the food chain although they are at the very bottom. When one is inebriated, the sea urchins go up a notch in the food chain and seem to blend with the prawns. One wouldn’t make out the difference and by then it wouldn’t matter anyway.

And true enough, before the end of the night he was gyrating with this random guy who looked at him as if he’s about to eat him alive. Sea urchins are dangerous. In Vino Et Veritas!

of emails and girls getting pregnant.

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I am still a bit dazed with the sudden death of our Aunt and though I haven't fully recovered from the blow, another not so pleasant news came in. This time it left me feeling impaled in the guts. My mother just called me this morning to tell me that my 18 year old cousin is pregnant. That was an assault that made me sit in bed and wonder what on earth is going on with the people around me. I wasn't able to go to sleep because of that and the best thing to do is just to play DOTA but that's another story.

When I got in to work today and checked on my emails, one of my co-workers sent me a mail which is somehow related to what happened to my dear cousin. Golly, what is wrong with all the kids today! Good thing my mangina is not attached to any uterus or fallopian tube or whatever anatomy there is for girls.


The best short story...

and then i remember...

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i just got in and the first thing I usually do is check my mails and browse for articles here and there. i stumbled on this blog entry in yahoo: woman got fired,its about a woman who got fired because of sending confrontational emails in bold and ALL CAPS letters. the reason why the article made me laugh is because back then in college, i always get reprimanded by my professors for not using the correct format when doing reports. i suck when it comes to following formats.

i hardly capitalize the first letter in all my sentences when submitting projects and reports. i just dont like looking at the "i" in my sentences in bold letter. i dont make use of apostrophes and what have yous but at least i can still come up with something readable and coherent enough to mull over -- or so i think!

i always get drilled under the tutelage of our teacher whos a spinster and a meticulous "grammarian" but i never heed her word and so i incur a lot of deductions in my reports.

just like vicki walker though i got to laugh at the issue when it comes to our poetry class since mr-high-and-mighty-i-am-a-palanca-awardee-professor justified my way of writing as inherent to the writer and its perfectly ok with him. i guess just like him i think its "to each his own" when it comes to writing. for as long my style doesnt aggravate anyone reading it, i think that a-ok! on second thought, i guess i did annoy my grammar teacher but then again she's so 5 years ago.


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I am currently listening to monster radio and they are talking about gay-straight relationship and the ever "baffling" question came up:

If a straight guy will get into a relationship with a gay guy sans the "benefits" issue, will that make the "straight guy" gay???

Duh! That shouldn't even be categorize as baffling.

And then one gay guy made a comment: "Guys, come out! Come out! Mainit sa loob ng closet!"

I like! and yes, I'm now slacking.