another boring night

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It's been a while since I last visited this page and I hope I didn't miss a lot. I would have wanted to rant about how pissed I am with work. The usual bitchin around about things but I realized I don't really have the right to as I am not doing anything about it. It would have been cool if I would grow the nerves to just walk out of my job and tell them to kiss my ass. But no, the chicken shit in me is telling my puny brains to just let it pass. So yeah, I will spare my page with all my rantings.

Anyway, I just got a call from a friend last night and he invited me over for videoke. And yes, this is about another broken hearted soul. Why is it that most of my friends go out singing their hearts out when they are shattered to pieces? Well it's really hard to deal with losing someone but the thing is, the losing part doesn't really exist so to speak. Mainly because the guy is not really into him and they are not really an item. Like no "them" but just he and he.

Nobody wants to be side-stepped with things they are good at and I am the major drama junkie not my friend. So when he started asking nobody in particular if he is crazy feeling like that for the guy, I answered him: "I know how it feels but there's no you and him. So just stop it!" And yes, he called the wrong set of people so he might as well punish his liver with more alcohol. Seriously, why is the love bug everywhere but near me? Or maybe it takes more than a bug to topple down a drama junkie.

Now I kind of lost track with the things I would like to talk about. So yeah, I guess this is my way of checking out and saying hi to the blogosphere. Hello netizens!