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"i can turn my back to the world as long as you're going to stay with me..."

i wasnt expecting to hear something so profound and romantic a line from this movie that i wished right then and there that i was with someone really special. like holdin hands with that someone inside the dark and cold movie house. instead, i found myself holdin my own hands and keeping myself warm since i forgot to bring a jacket. pathetic much? whatevs! that really didnt stopped me from enjoying the movie and laughing out loud with my friend at every silly scene. it was light and good and the effects wowed me.

a friend warned me that i might go out of the movie house singing "cant smile without you" and i did. i fell for it that even now as i am writing i am hearing the music loud and clear in my head.

p.s. hellboy looks hot in tight leather pants. no wonder "fire girl Liz" aka selma blair is carrying a twin. that leaves me thinking though how their babies would like.

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