so long, farewell, goodbye

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While I was celebrating my birthday and while basking over everyone's attention and greetings, someone close to my heart has been suffering for his loss. Well, I'm not really sure if he is a he or if he is a she. You see, there was a tragic accident and I was not able to get there on time. Heck, had it been that I was able to see the entire mishap I would probably have felt helpless anyway and I would likely just sit there and watch the life taken out of him. Worst would be for me to run in circles and all the more not do anything to help him out.

I failed him and it's just sad looking at him all by himself now, all alone, no one to talk to and feeling the cruelties of the world. He doesn't talk to me either. So I just sit there and look at him wander about, wondering what goes on in his mind.

It must have been pretty hard to keep on doing those mundane things you normally do without the other one around. It's just painful that sometimes I'd rather not watch and just leave him all by himself.

May you rest in peace and to you who has been left behind, may you have the courage to face the world and continue to live on for another 10 years?!?

His partner in crime got squished by that "boulder" and splat him to kingdom come.

Can someone tell me how to tell the sex of a turtle? Oh wait, scratch that.. I'll just go google it. That's the least I can do in honor of the critter.

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my condolences. he's probably in a better place now. one without killer boulders. because, yeah, no one can get killed over there.

oh poor thing. your turtle's cute.
get another one.


aww... talagang ganun... una una lang... sana nakarecover ka na sa pagkawala nya... Ex Jason is right " he's probably in a better place now"

Aw, shit. I thought one of your toenails had died. Sorry about the turtle.

one of our turles is blind and we think that it'll die sonn kasi di sya makakain kasi di nya makita yung food =S

wait. ano pinapakain mo sa kanila?