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i was supposed to watch this movie with another friend but since Kai was bugging me the entire day to go with her and see the flick, i gave in. (sorry boyfriend lets just schedule another date!) of course since jessie was with me that time, i dragged him along. so off we went to see twilight. incidentally i just finished the book the previous day , just in time for me to catch the first day of screening. so the kilig moments continue -- echos!
we arrived just in time for the movie to start. the place was jam packed with these annoying high school kids who were giggling in groups. i wonder if their parents are aware that they are cutting classes just to go to the movies and gawk at this guy on screen who's covered in thick make up to look ghastly pale. no offense to the fans of robert pattinson but i am not digging his acting prowess. while everyone was drooling over his deathly looks i was just completely disappointed about how they portrayed edward cullen. that's what happens if i get to read the book first before seeing the movie. i expect a lot knowing that the movie will never be even at par with the book. i know, i know... im bias!
my girlfriends were feeling the movie and one was even moved to tears. imagine that! crying over something so teeny-bopper, so chemically imbalance i should say! well thats the effect of being so hopelessly romantic and not having a boyfriend..u bawl your eyes out over something sappy! well the movie was not at all bad. i'll give it 7 shining stars out of 10. i am loving isabella swan played by kristen stewart and ashley greene (alice cullen) looks hot like a vixen from hell. i am so going straight and loving these girls -- not!
the movie ended with all those ohhhhss and ahhhsss and the cheering of those pesky-hobbit-looking-high-school-girls (i know, i'm mean!) but im not alone on that because jessie was even meaner than the mean girls themselves. so we marched to the newly opened fully booked because someone was determined to get a copy of the book after shedding some crocodile tears.haha! because everyone is gaga over this movie, the book was sold out! well "the queen bee kuno" who was on a hiatus from reading was deeply moved by the movie that her determination to get a copy lowered her EQ below sea level. after getting a copy of p.s. i love you and eleven minutes we hailed a cab and transferred to sm to check at power books. luck was smiling down at "the queen bee kuno" and she was able to get a hardbound copy of the book for a whooping $700! thats a big hole in her pocket but since she's "the queen bee kuno" so thats fine.
went home at twilight and started reading p.s. i love you and as expected i closed the day with fat salty tears. woke up at 2am for work and now im feeling lethargic again. while im tapping on the keyboard someone's sitting across me holding a book and feeling like a school girl who fell in love the first time. everyone's a drama queen! blah!

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