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they say everyone is turning gay. steve is no longer interested with eve. eve feels rejected and turns to jessica. meanwhile steve is cruisin around checking out earl, james and jimmy. oh the life of gay men! my friend is even suspecting her boyfriend is gay. blah! and there are some who wouldnt admit and cannot accept the word gay. they are according to them, bisexuals or maya (like the bird). i couldnt care less as to how they categorize and call themselves, im so caught up with my life in the himalayas.

just recently i had my friend (R) text one of my friends (J) to somehow check if they would click. so they texted and whatever. they talked and they met up only to realize they are like distant relatives. beat that! the world is really getting smaller by the minute.

its almost valentines and my other friend (C) would like to take the role of the matchmaker. he planned to have me go out on a date with some nurse (I) he knows from god knows where. i graciously declined but i befriended the guy. since im on a cloud 9 right now and valentines day is just around the corner i might as well do the best thing to do and that is to have my friend R check out mr hottie nurse (I).

now the funny thing is, we thought nobody knows these guys only to find out that people in the office are somehow acquianted with them in one way or another. so when R started blabbering and started gabbing about our little sunday tete-a-tete, people cannibalized every word that came out from his mouth. we found out that the-lady-who-lives-in-a-shoe knows J through her boyfriend. S who's the princess of all the maya-gratory birds happens to know mr nurse I. he claimed he hasnt put a tag on I but i highly doubt that. haha. no offense but im born skeptic! says he knows him way back when he went to the land of golden friendship and the rest is history. vaulted.

despite the fiasco about the guys R is meeting up, he is positive about the outcome of things probably because he has read the book: the secret. positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. just dont let JC get near him cause he always has his way of dampening everyone's spirit.

although everyone is turning gay i still believe that the gay community is still and will remain a minority group. the thought of going out and meeting someone who is not connected with someone you know is close to non-existent already. the community is so small that the same people who are members of the same group know who is sleeping with whom up to the closest proximity that promiscuity is pretty visible you might as well have the word tattooed on your forehead.

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