on a night when everyone was wearing yellow

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I always deny it when people point their fingers at me and calls me evil. I instantaneously don on this innocent look, questioningly stare at the people around me and pretend I don't know what they are talking about. But tonight, tonight is the night I realized how mischievous I can get.

While having dinner with friends earlier, we talked about the security guard in the office who just recently passed away. The conversation got a good spin and before we knew it we were already talking about things that happened in the building. Not just ordinary things but instances and encounters with the supernatural beings.

I got goosebumps all over while my friend was talking about my previous team manager and how she encountered something spooky while working all by herself in the office. The security guard kept on dropping by to ask her if she is doing just fine. She of course answered that she is ok. The guard left the room and came back the second time after to see if all is well with her. That somehow made her think of something but she immediately brushed off the thought.

When she stepped out of the room to call it a day, she casually asked the guard why he kept on checking on her. She was then informed that there was a kid inside the room and it was playing behind her back. We all know 'bout the stories of building and its "inhabitants" and how some of them gets too frisky AND we all know that kids are not allowed at work.

Anyway, I was with Clipped on a Saturday night in the office to work on our monthly review. Then came another co-worker who's there to work on the same assignment as well. I decided to just go home since I am not in the mood to work and I'm being unproductive again. Before we parted ways, I told my other friend about the story of my team manager and I was holding back my laughter as her eyes grew wide in horror.

I don't know what has gotten into me but I didn't think that we will be leaving her all alone in the room. I just opened my mouth and told her the story while my insides hurt because I'm helping myself not to guffaw. She looked really scared and the moment we stepped out of the room she came out running calling for the guards.

I can get really silly sometimes that even now, while typing this I am still snickering. The way her eyes widened in horror and how she ran from the room screaming is still playing on my mind. Incidentally, the three of us were all wearing yellow. Hmmm.. I think the color yellow really triggered it. I'm no evil really. That was just me getting all sunny and happy because of the color of our shirts. I'm no meaniee.

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e ba't sabi clipped evil bitch rom hell ka daw?

catfight na itu!


@ew. no catfight. im a pacifist. besides im sure ayaw ni clipped na awayin ako otherwise naka circulate na sa email ng entire account yung mga sekreto nyang malupit.



I know where I stand... eye_spy is more mean than me. I could have said the story myself knowing we'll be leaving our friend behind and alone, but eye_spy said it anyway...

no catfight... eye_spy is the queen while I'm just a rook!

no youre not evil. kaw pa! playful lang at may topak! hehehe!

@clipped. im no queen, you are the queen. matter of fact you are older than me and you will be turning a year older anytime next month. haha.. advance happy beerday bitch!

@bloig. you are just sweet pero kuripot ka pa rin! haha.

that's really mischievous! haha!

Mean! hehehehe
I also remembered the same story about a ghost kid in my old company.

you're not a meaniee. you're not a meaniee. yeah, you're not a meaniee... :D

@lucas. i didn't mean it. haha.

@dhon. nooo!! look at what kikit just said. im not a meanie. =)

@kikit. oh thank you. im not a meanie.. im just, errr.. being playful. :D

I had my own encounters with the third kind when I was still working at Sykes. Two of my trainees saw a ghost behind me while conducting a training. I didn't get spooked. Well, not too spooked.