music and laxatives

Posted by eye_spy | Posted on 7:58 PM

every once in awhile every time i hear a certain song i take a walk down memory lane and my heart goes nostalgic to things that are just too heartwarming to bury in the recesses of my head. i am so melodramatic that i bury memories in songs and would end up longing for the past when its being played again. songs which, if i were to hear and dissect the lyrics, would seem funny and too cheesy for my age now.

i was under the impression that i am the only person who practices this only to be disappointed when the person sitting next to me said she is warped back in time every time she hears the song "release me" by Tom Jones. funny thing is, the rhythm of this song has been used as a jingle for an ad on tv for a very lucrative company for laxatives. and when asked what this song reminds her of, she says it reminds her of her first boyfriend and the day she lost her virginity.

"Oh please release me, let me go
For I just don't love you anymore
To waste our lives would be a sin
Release me and let me love again"

bam! wam! bam! how cute can that get? popping on e's cherry while "release me" is playing in the background and years after, hearing that song as background for dulcolax! laxatives and chastity. perfect combination.

now that i am starting to space out again and suddenly smile for reasons i would like to keep to myself, i am wondering which song i would like to bury this moment in. anyone?

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