and the green eyed monster strikes again...

Posted by eye_spy | Posted on 9:09 AM

"Despite being an annoyance, do believe that there is someone out there who will love the monster in you and would just hug you when you are about to mutate."

I don't have any idea who said that but will my "someone" please show up now? Like really right NOW?! I just saw two PLUs at McDonalds sharing a serving of fries and so as not to be obvious, they were holding hands under the table. Blah! The green eyed monster sprang to life that instant. Quick, give me a hug!!

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*deep sigh*

aww sweet talaga mga PLU na yan. hahanap ng paraan para lang mag-PDA. gawain din namin yan before. madalas kasi sa moviehouse lang nagagawa ang holding hands.

@clippedwings. im pretty sure if you were there you could have died in envy. haha.

@jinjiruks. as in. :)


@clippedwings. haha.. thats why we're friends. we share the same monsters. lol.