i hate it when i forget to turn off my phone before bedtime

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My phone rang and I sleepily answered it. I checked the time and it's 9AM!! On the screen was an unregistered number. Who the eff is this? I groggily answered the call and on the other line was the voice of a woman who's name I can no longer remember.

Me: Hello?
Lady: Hi! I'm actually calling from Citibank to do background check for Miss X. Do you know her? We have your name here as one of her references.
Me [sounding annoyed]: Yes. She's a friend. What's this? A credit card application?

She asked a series of questions which I grumpily answered as she just woke me from my kinky dream. One thing that I noticed was she's using three languages while on the phone with me. She switches from English to Filipino to Bisaya.Now I'm getting suspicious. I'm a skeptic. Then another funny thing happened, the sound of a child crying came into the background.

That was the time I asked her if she's really calling from CitiBank. She opted to ignore my question.

Lady: Is Miss X living with someone right now?
Me: Is that relevant to her application? If it is, then that should be in the form that she completed right?
Lady: OK. So do you know someone could be another reference for Miss X?
Me: What? That should be in the form she filled out!
Lady: Right, sorry. May I ask for her contact number please?
Me [really annoyed]: Listen lady, what's with the questions? She hasn't changed her number you know. If you're really calling from CitiBank and she filled out a form, everything should be there. How did you get my number in the first place? Now if you don't have any other silly questions, I'm going back to sleep.
Lady: Sorry to bother you sir and thanks for the time.

I asked Miss X about it and she was completely clueless. She didn't apply for any credit cards and she'll never will. I still have the number of the caller so I gave it to her. Had her iron out things.

Sorry lady, you got the wrong timing to call me. Had it been that you dialed at the right time, I could have been more accommodating and probably might tell you something about Miss X --- or not!

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Now that is just odd! And a bit creepy

@carina. i know but the thing is she called me up when i was in the middle of sleep and i go for the kill if someone disturbs me. teehee.

she was obviously fishing for information...tsk tsk tsk...evil plans...heehee

@mareeshka. thats what i was thinking..

i see. another femme who's into Miss X. i'm not surprised. :-D

identity concealed. Mwah

@jj. femme fatale!