just shut your trap!

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Why is that some people deny their age and pretend that they are this young. Not that they look old or that they are old but they just want to let you believe that they're stuck with that age. For instance, this person sitting next to me is already 25 but she pretends that she is still 23 and she makes a big deal out of it that she talks about it almost everyday. I guess that's one of life's ironies, everyone wants to live long but no one wants to get old. But the thing is, if you are aging gracefully I think that's one thing you should be proud of. Not everyone lived their lives happily and not everyone gets the chance to live that long you know.

And what's with others pretending to be someone they're not just to earn a reputation. A false reputation that no one believes and yet they continue to live in their own version of La La Land. Sad really that they have nothing else to show off but the fancy things they have. Maybe I'm just annoyed at myself because for some reason I just don't have the guts to tell them to get lost or to choke on their spit.

As to why I'm ranting again, I don't know. Maybe I'm just bored or that I'm worn out. Or maybe I'm just tired of the crap that those people tell me. It's either they're too dense to see that I'm not interested with what they're saying or it's about time that I tell them on their face to just shut up.

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oh dont be silly darlin...

of course you can tell them that you are bored with their faces...

okay that was me being mean again..

see yah around friend!

Take a pie and throw it to this fugly's face..

Actually, I also plan to be 26 for the next ten years...if I can pull it off..but I won't be telling everyone (only those who ask. teheheheh)