give me back my toothbrush!

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Filipinos are known all over the world as being courteous and diplomatic and I guess this picture is one proof of that.

Our client was laughing out loud when she saw this note posted on one of the lockers near the training room and she said, "at least she put in 'kindly'. You guys are so polite!"

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Lol! I hope she gets her toothpaste back. But as for the toothbrush, I don't think I'd ask for it back, I wouldn't want to brush my teeth using a toothbrush that someone else used. ewww. hehehehe

ay anubayun. ginakawat ang toothpaste and toothbrush AHAHAHAHA

i think the person who took it didn't really mean to steal it. s/he just wanted to borrow for the meantime. nuuk!

Wow! even toothbrushes are stolen now a days! yikes!

If the toothbrush and toothpaste don't turn up, can someone just be kind enough to buy the woman a new set? My heart is just broken for her.