the things you do when your inebriated with Jose

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I can still remember the time I arrived here and being the typical kid who grew up in the province, I had the feeling that the city is too big of a place for me that it would swallow me alive the moment I start to wander off the streets. Then it dawned on me that the big city is freedom. Freedom from the watchful eyes of anyone attached to me, from home and of course from the infamous curfew.

Way back in the city where I grew up, I was the goody goody boy who from school will go directly home. Never tried anything illegal nor hasn't been into booze or even smoking. So when the big city opened its doors to this poor peasant boy from the province, I started going out and indulged in bingeing. There were even times when I went home not knowing who took me home and how I got home because I was completely inebriated by Jose.

Those were the days when I was pretty reckless and all that was in my mind is having fun. I guess the consequence of your actions would really bite you in the ass sooner or later and would really catch up on you at the most unexpected time.

There was a time when I completely lost my mind because of too much drink that I started kissing randomly whoever it is that I get to touch my lips with. Well, there was this girl, oh no, scratch that. He was a guy dressed as a girl who joined our table because he knows one of the people in our table. I don't really know what happened but they told me the following day that I was snogging the gremlin out of a dare. Thank heavens I was still alive then!

The worst hasn't come still because the following day, he started texting me asking me out for a date. That was the time I died. I don't have the slightest intention of going out with someone who is too effeminate. He was very persistent and I don't see any reason why he should be but I ended up being on the defense. I think he finally got the message cause then he left me alone.

Just this afternoon I went to Ayala with my younger brother to buy something. The place was peopled with a lot of eye candies and I was secretly eyeing some while my brother was busy looking at some of the items inside a shop. I haven't gotten any sleep and I look like shit but for crying out loud of all people that I would likely come across that instant, it's the gremlin from hell!

I pretended I didn't see him but I guess I am pretty hard to miss because of my bald head. So he approached me and I immediately told him I am with my brother hoping that he would get a clue and walk away but no such luck. He stopped to chit-chat and even asked that it's been awhile since we last hang out?!? I died the second time around. We never hang out!

I gave him a quizzical look as if he just grew a second head then without a word, I walked away. Gawd! That was embarrassing! I wouldn't even consider letting my brother know that I engage in trysts with the same sex worst with a tranny!

And that is the reason why I ended up ranting here again because I am just annoyed until now with how stupid I could get sometimes but you see, I've learned my lesson and I am now sober for close to three months.

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tranny pala trip mo.


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eeeewwww... major eeeewww.. that's all.. you're so off!

cause and effect friend.

oh my efffffing gawd!!!! YOu did that??? All the while Ithought I was the only lesbian.... Yovmay na diay ka teh??

@EW. ay oo naman.. kanya kanyang trip lang yan. tranny sa akin, rugby boys sa yo. haha.

@clipped. you sound like jessie dahling! off? was there even a time i turned you on?? no, dont answer that. thinking about it is as repulsive as that gremlin of a tranny. :P

@dhon. i know. shoot me! lol.

@Anne. asa man ka gibutang ni Lord tih? ehem.. again, i was drunk. yun lang pow.

....Bang Bang!