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After getting rowdy and sweaty, and after energies have been spent I stood up and immediately headed to the restroom to tidy myself. I would have loved to go drama junkie again, turn on the shower and bawl myself out all the while telling myself "and dumi dumi ko." Then I realized I'm way past that phase that it gets easier and easier to just get laid and be a one time whore. So no, I took a pass at it. This time too, I'm no one time whore as we have been meeting up for the nth time.

As I faced the showerhead and allowed the water to beat on my face, I realized that it's been a while since I last experienced something that transcends the climax I experience in the four corners of the bed. It's always been like that for quite some time now: rubber please, now lube, and then let's get ready to rumble. After pounding the poor flounder and everything has been spent, heartbeats return to normal and then the void returns.

After composing myself and parading across the room naked to grab my clothes, he looked at me and said: "hey, why don't you just spend the night here for a change?" Right! Then what? Be intimate and blur the line between being friends with benefits and something else? No way! "I can't I need to get going," I answered. I cannot and I will not allow you to go beyond what we are having right now.

On a different note, I just knew that a friend just got engaged. Well they're straight but hearing someone about to tie the knot is something envying. When will my time come and how long do I have to keep on playing the defense? I've been telling myself that it's time for me to make myself happy but I cannot just bring myself to fall for someone. For a lot of reasons so shoot me!

With a sigh, he opened the door and let me out. It's always been like that, I come and I go. "Thanks for coming," he said. I just smiled. I think a Thank You would be enough for now.

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so sino kaya ang burikat aber???

uhh.. ikaw? ahaha.

and you're questioning why we are friends? this is why we are friends... hahahha

hahahaa.. Defense mechanism ikaw bayan? :)

i think when you said " When will my time come and how long do I have to keep on playing the defense? "
-- i remember a line from a movie that stated.. All the people that comes into your life are A POSSIBILITY.. It’s up to you if you want to risk it. They are not stepping stone while waiting for Mr. Right to come..He doesn’t exist.. They can be Mr. Right if you let them be.


I can't wait to share this! Haha.

How To Make A Guy/Girl Not Your BF/GF

The same rules for gremlins apply:

1. Don't get them wet (You never shower at his place).
2. Keep them away from direct sunlight (you don't see them in the morning, only at night).
3. Don't feed them after midnight (you don't sleep over and you don't ever have breakfast together).

Barney Stinson is the yoda of the banging generation.

@clipped. i guess that would be our common denominator.

@Dhon. aguy ha. naigo jud ko. haha..

@Demigoddess. bwahahaha.. wicked sick!

i actually prefer the same arrangement. it doesn't have the complications of a relationship - as long as the other person is on the same page as you.

keep it up! hehehe.