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MiKe: Just tell me. Please stop prolonging my agony. Please.
Me: Seriously, are you suffering right now?
MiKe: I may look like I'm just fine but yes, I don't feel good inside.

That was the conversation I had with him earlier and I just cannot keep on staring at those pleading eyes that I have to look away and just pretend to laugh at the matter. How could I after what had happened and knowing that he knows that I know what the answer is. It was hard. I don't have the heart to break the news to him and I just keep on pretending that I'm this elusive lynx dodging every question that he's asking and segueing to another topic to keep him off track.

On the darker side of things though, he has to know. Though it will break him, it will at the same time emancipate him from all those worries and those thoughts lulling him to sleep. It hurts me and you might not know that as, I keep on this poker face but damn, I hate goodbyes.

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hi! added you to my blog list. thank you! :)

@zaizai.. thanks. :)

goodbye is indeed the saddest word, whats good nga naman sa goodbye?

but goodbye is not the end its a circle you know and it starts with one hello... - one hello


@mink. i know right.. one hello. lol.:)