the night i felt so old but gorgeous!

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I kept on telling myself that I have to stop going out every weekend on a binge. The last time I went out with my three friends, we ended up finishing a bottle of tequila and bottles of beer. For some strange reason tequila now makes me go bonkers. That night was something completely strange to me as I never felt drunk but I woke up in bed and feeling nauseous not knowing how I got home.

The following day someone texted me saying "I wish I was part of the guys you snogged last night."

I was like what are you talking about?? So I immediately texted the people I was with and yeah, they confirmed it. I went totally nuts and I started kissing random guys. The sad part was they never stopped me. I asked why and one of them said "I don't think it would be a good idea to grab you if you were lip locked with someone." Yeah right! Thank you so much for looking after me. I am moved to tears! Kidding, but really I cannot, until now, remember what happened after we emptied the last bottle of beer.

Last night my co-workers were asking me to go out with them for the first time as they think I don't have a life and I don't know how to unwind. I told them I won't be able to make it but MiKe called me saying he will pick me up and he is on his way. Not to let him down again after what happened earlier, I took a quick shower and by the time he called me up again, I was ready.

We rendezvoused at McDonalds and unexpectedly there were 14 of them waiting for us. They asked where we can drink and dance at the same time. Dance! I could have told them to go to Numero Doce but I don't want them to get scandalized as they are all straight. And whoever invited the bitch from hell made the right decision. Since it will be her night that night and I'm starting to like her. I think she's just a total Blondie... if you get my drift.

Anyhow we went to a bar and everyone was having fun except for me. For some reason I felt so old and I'm the only one not enjoying the loud music. Most of them are already in their late twenties and early thirties and I am like the youngest in the group and yet they party like twenty year olds. I just sat there in the corner while they urged me to dance with them. The bitch started to get drunk and luckily I was able to content myself with nursing on a bottle of vodka cruiser so I can look after my flock. Great! Now I'm also their chaperon for the night.

She started dancing and gyrating with a group of American guys and one of the girls asked me if I can pull the bitch out of their circle as she fears she might become the next Suzette "Nicole" Nicolas who got raped by Daniel Smith. So I grabbed her and had her seated next to me. She sat there for a few minutes and the next thing I know she was up again dancing with another group of guys.

Minutes later she came up to me saying "What the fuck! Those guys are checking you out." She pointed to one of them and said, "he's asking for your number." I told her to just sit down as she looked like a total wreck. I'm just too old for that crap!

Last night was the night I felt so old but gorgeous as one of those guys followed me to the john and asked for my number. I told him I'm taken but since he kept on saying it's just my number that he needs, I gave out someone else's number. Ha!

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you are such a BIATCH! di mo man lang binigay totoo mong number! di ba siya cute?

@bloiggster. i know! :) well what can i do... i felt i was too old for that drama. he is not at all bad looking.. its just that i dont get amused with such bold moves inside bars. blah.

hey there, you can give my number if you want to hahahahah

A nice read...i see myself in you back in the old days (and I mean really OLD days). Enjoy it while it lasts.

@gram math. well i can always have your number on queue so that the next time someone asks for my number i can give out yours.

email me ur number or IM me. lol

@uprooted. ohh... you made it sound like your so old and i bet your not. thanks for droppin by. ;)