just getting it off my chest..

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You going out like a predator in the night to satisfy and quench the heat in between your legs doesn’t help because at the end of the day you still have him to go home to.

Funny that you two are still together. Sharing the same room, sleeping on the same bed and soemtiems even eating on the same plate. What’s this? A playhouse? A game where you get to to play Barbie and he as Ken?

You always say you no longer love him and yet your actions are saying otherwise. You defended yourself saying he’s no longer your lover but someone who needs your help right now. So you took the role of big brother. But who the fuck are we kidding here? Big brothers don’t suck their little bro.

You sometimes go ballistic every time we see someone at the bar who used to woo your guy. You always say you’re better than any of those guys and so you have your boytoy now. Your breathing and walking trophy. Woohoo!! Congratulations! I’m teary eyed and I’m so happy I puked a bit in my mouth.

One thing though, why is it that when you’re completely sober you always talk about leaving him and up to now, after bottles of beer and nights of bingeing, you still go home and sleep with him? What’s the pretending for? You telling us that you no longer love him and me getting to read all your text messages to him with all the “I love yous” in the world doesn’t make sense.

I don’t see the point of you denying your feelings just so that you can turn the tables and make him look like he’s so into you and not the other way around. If you can give me one valid reason why there is a need for you to assert falsely that you’re sharing the same roof with this guy (that you say you no longer have feelings for) but your spending your savings on, then I’d shut up and stop whining here.

I’m just tired of all the drama and you hovering with all those rantings about falling out of love is suffocating me. And us telling you to put it to rest or telling you to leave him tomorrow is no use – because you just wont listen. I’m not sure why I’m putting this into writing and I’m typing in full speed but I guess I’m just getting this out of my chest as I don’t really see the point of denial. You love him (and I don’t know bout him) but if I were you just enjoy the feeling. It’s not everyday that we’re in love. To be in love is just, I don’t know.. something that doesn’t happen to me every day and I’m speaking for myself here.

You are my friend, so hun please stop feeding us bull crap. If you can’t walk the talk then shut your trap and let’s just get drunk and party. I really don’t want to put my finger in and start fussing about all this so please…

Love is overrated? Alright, so it is. Hush.. hush.. Now let’s just eat, get drunk and be merry for tomorrow we’ll be back to work again and I don’t want to intoxicate myself with everyone’s drama.

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Oh my.

I am also speaking for myself here when I say if the love isn't the kind of love I want and if the dude doesn't love me back the way I love him, it is OVA. What is it about people who are so MARTYR and in denial about their true situation?

Let me at your friend so I can beat the hell out of him.

nice one po..hope your friend will listen this time..
i know the feeling..i also have a friend same as your friend.=)

feeling better now?

"Congratulations! I’m teary eyed and I’m so happy I puked a bit in my mouth." this made my day. I should use this someday! :D

Kudos for such fierceness, sometimes you just really have to smack your dick on their head to just make them wake up from the surreal.

song: INUMAN NA-Parokya ni Edgar

this doesn't sound like love, it sounds like power and control with a splash of self-loathing.

Mt Mayon erupted is that you...

feels good right?! there! breath and you'll be fine...

So you felt what I've felt? Funny right?!

Its nice to have a drink without all the drama! Let's do it again and we'll invite other people.. hehehe

down to earth. you impress me. can we link up

way to vent your anger! i can relate to your sentiment as i have a friend who's a bit like yours and just won't listen. sometimes we just have to slap some sense in their face.

@demigoddess. by all means, please smack some sense on his brains.

@eeeyakhee. i hope so too.. :)

@the geek. kind of.

@Herbs D. lol. cheers mga lasanggero!

@line of flight. you hit the nail on the head.

@Clipped Wings. i know right.. haha... then again, this too shall pass.

@Uprooted. done your highness. too bad i dont get to go online that much lately.

@flinch. amen to that!