sa globe.. abot mo ang mundo!

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She was sitting next to me complaining how her life sucks and how everyone only sees her mistakes and not appreciate the effort she gives to make them see the real her. Why on earth am I even listening to her when to begin with we really don't click?! Then again, I always make it a point to be all ears to people who needs someone as their audience as they rant along with how their life sucks. Not only will they entertain me with their silliness, I also get to appreciate my life and see that at least I'm not as miserable as they are. So I just sat there and braced myself for her blahs.

Then her litany of complaints came pouring in and before my ass could burn a hole on my chair I excused myself to grab something to drink. Her issues made my throat pretty parch as the Sahara. She has a lot of baggage in life and I've got no plans of taking some of it for her but if having someone listen to her would help, again... I'm all ears.

So her recital of discontent continued before I could sit down again and from afar I could see her partner officer looking at me questioningly as to what's wrong with her. I just gave her a wink and she understood that I got her matey in control.

But when she segued to her love life issue I sort of lost control of everything. Not another one please!

Good thing someone called me out for assistance. So I got the chance to stand again and leave her. Then I heard my phone beep inside my pocket. I snatched it out and read the message.

from: 2977
may sweet bf or gf waiting 4 u! dial *033021 for virtual bf or *0330022 for virtual gf now! save d no. and call daily! P5/call.

Wow! Globe did it again! They always come up with brilliant ideas, yes?! I forwarded the message to her and within minutes she started laughing.

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hahaha, globe really has this kind of service?

@gram math. i don't know who came up with that plan but i guess he/she is addressing the desperates out there. lol

smart user ako eh...hehehe

@geek. im pretty sure naman u dont need a virtual bf. lol