economic recession anyone?

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When I came in to work today, I noticed my seatmate busy chatting in MSN with her boyfriend in US. Aha, you are so busted! Caught slacking and sending sweet nothings to someone is not part of the contract you signed for this job. I started teasing her about it and I even joked that I will report her to IT.

She just laughed at me and said she wants her American boyfriend to send her money else she will pawn her phone and their communication will be cut-off until she can have her phone back. Hmmm... sneaky bitch! She then added not to worry because she knows that he will give in and that she will treat me as soon as she receives the money. I was like hold it! I don't want something that came from your internet shenanigans. I asked if she do strip teasing on cam just so that she can get the money she wants and she just laughed at me for being so naive. So now I'm naive.
And then I came across this ad in Craigslist:

In need of your support financially.... Any Generous souls outtheir?
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Date: 2009-05-27, 10:42PM PHT

School is just around the corner.... one of my anxieties is with budget diffuculty close minimal.... despite of budget cuts of none essentials and sacrifices... still couldn't be able to stretch it to the end of the 1st semester.... Allowance is ok but not for the tuition... so I'm looking for a good semaritans who can even just share for once of their blessings partially to the tuition or to my allowance that is 50%-50%. its only now is most difficult since the world financial crisis in late 2008. Those interested... get in touch and your intention in regards to supporting me once for this school year 2009-2010. after that i'll be ok. Leave name. and little of introduction about yourself. thanks.
Information: Allowance per month = $ 25 x 10 months = $ 250 Tuition per semester = $ 266 x 2 semesters (Semester is equivalent to 5 Months (10 months in a School year) = $ 532

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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People and all the things they do to get the things they want! Desperate much? Hmmm.. Watch your back hun, karma is a bitch!

ps. i was supposed to post a screen shot of the page but for some effing reason the picture looks so cute one can't make out what's in it. i suck in layouting or whatever you call it.

pps. the only reason i came across this craigslist site is because i heard my other co-worker snickering and he was checking out this page and he introduced me to it.

ppps. the reason why im blogging right now is because im so sleepy and i dont even know what im talking about here. so shoot me.

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oh so that's why you asked for access earlier Mr. officer.. hahha busted too!

@clipped wings. not really. that was for a page that we cannot open. i can open blogspot here without having to use any proxy. jealous much? haha.