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While I was happily biting on my burger while listening to some songs online, he popped in. It's been awhile since I last heard from him and I'm happy for the lack of communication. It's over and there's no point talking.

I tried ignoring him but I forgot I'm not in invisible mode. I told him I'm having my lunch and I'm at work. He said he just wants to talk. I know he will eventually drop a bomb so I braced myself. I'm kind of getting used to his style. And then he dropped the explosives. He asked if I can go out for awhile and meet up with him. What's the point? It's over and I'm at work.

Before he could even say another word, I told him "No! I don't want to." I've reached the finish line and though I want to see him, I was glad I was able to contain myself. Too often, going after what feels good means letting go of what is right. I don't want to go over the same shit again. My tearducts are too proud to cry you a river again.

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oooh. cry a river would really sound good on background. is a losing game.

@herbs. i know right.. thats why i have no plans of getting bitten by the lovebug. not now anyway.


falling in love is a shit! hahaha!

@bloiggster. i can smell your being cynical from here. haha..

falling in love is a nice feeling even if its unrequited. but thats just me talking.

and who is this guy again? For a friend you have a lot of secret...

So I wont be confuse lets do codes on your men.. Mystery guy_1.


haba ng hair!

@clipped wings. codes? what for? to begin with i dont have a guy. heck, i cant even find a decent date.. boohoo.

thanks for the visit!


"i've had enough."-eye_spy...


@jinjiruks. NP! love ur page.

@Jj. Kuya, yes ka nlang jan. :)

@geek. as in!