thanks for making me laugh so hard

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It's never nice to laugh at the downfall of others but sometimes there are instances when you just can't help but smile to prevent yourself from rolling on the floor while laughing your heart out.

Earlier today instead of going to sleep by the time I got home, I decided to just go to National Bookstore at Mango Avenue. I was so pissed off that I need to go out, instead of locking myself in my room. I need to think, I have to breathe. Looking at the arrays of books with their haughty price tags helped a lot.

Since I'm on a tight budget I just satisfied myself with looking at those pricey books but eventually I gave in and grabbed another copy of "How To Kill A Mocking Bird" before I stepped out of the bookshop.

Then I saw the person who made my day. Wearing a shirt with a Superman logo emblazoned in front. Not really the very good looking type but he is screaming with sex. He has a body of a Greek god and I happen to know that he is a PLU because I've seen him once at Doce partying like there's no tomorrow.

So I followed him with my eyes while he and his friend crossed the street carrying a bag of food from Jollibee. They look so happy together, laughing while traversing the pedestrian lane. Halfway through the street, the lights turned green and traffic started moving. Between the pavement and the pedestrian lane is mud and there is a need for them to hop over it to get to the safe side.

Unfortunately, Lady Luck didn't smile at him. They, beating the red light and the sight of mud on the street spelt disaster. Like a movie played in slow motion his right foot missed the pavement, he slipped and spaghetti went flying out of the bag. His partner started laughing so hard and I stopped on my track and just completely looked at them.

The funny thing was his right slipper got stuck on the mud that he has to yank it out of the puddle. He started limping like he just stepped on a pile of shit while carrying his dirt covered flip flop. That was unfortunate really but you gave me a good laugh that I was still laughing while I was inside the jeepney on my home. The lady in front of me eyed me queerly but I didn't care. That made me feel a bit better. Not nice really but what can I do? I'm no superhuman!

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bad ka talaga. hehe. mamaya mangyari sa iyo yan.

@jinjiruks. haha.. wag naman. i was just not in the mood and im pretty sure kung ikaw andun matatawa ka rin. :P

sayang ang spaghettiiiii! =)

hopefully it will not happen to me...

especially not with you...

for sure you wont stop laughing at me...

haha! You have to see the humor in that situation. Even the guy in the mud has to!! lol

@mksurf8. kaya nga.. hehe

@clippedwings. you really know me. haha

@carina. i agree. and that's what i did -- i laughed. :-)

i could not help but laugh too...hahaha

@geek. i guess that doesnt make me mean after all or i am mean but im not alone. haha

so MEAN! grabe ka! things like that happen...kawawa naman sya! if i was there, tinulungan ko siya tapos ibibili ko sya ng bagong spaghetti sa jollibee!

kasi naman ang ibang tao sa cebu, hanggang ngayon ba naman, di marunong tumawid ng maayos! ang liliit na nga ng kalsada dyan!

im sure that happened along mango near national and jollibee!

@bloig. you know im mean hun. but i cant help it.. that was funny.

im pretty sure kaw din matatawa ka if u were there. yeah dun nga. pa as if ka rin na din mean no. tse!