when the animals in the circus go wild

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The downside of being someone in position is when you show the slightest sign of weakness, everyone tries to peck at you. Too much expectations set. I know I was being mean but with how things went, I say you asked for it. I enjoyed looking at you being skewered and you squirmed as the spotlight zoomed in on you. You were on a tight spot and I, I don't have any plans of covering your ass this time.

It's a dog eats dog world and you're not supposed to act like Reese Witherspoon (read: Legally Blonde). I understand that you may not know everything but you brushing their questions off as if you don't give a rat's ass
won't help cause the more you ignore them, the more they want to go after your neck.

It's a circus out there and you are the ring master. Strike and whip the lions too hard and you'll run into the risk of getting attacked. Be gentle and be kind and you'll see them jumping from one ring of fire to another.

Different strokes for different folks. May this day be a learning point for you. Until the next show...

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eye spy. cute ng eye mo!

@the geek. i agree.

@jinjiruks. you are so kind. :)