my most unproductive night.

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I woke up and I was running late for work. I hailed a cab and asked if he can literally fly the vehicle to work. He stepped on it and we are zooming past cars and pedestrians so I can still get there not later than two hours on the supposed log-in time. The driver sure did empathize with me and he was able to get me to my destination in no time. Then, as I was about to step out of the cab someone called me saying he needs a little of bit rescuing. He got stood up by his date. Great!

Since the devil was so good at teasing me with his time plan, I caved in and before I know it the driver was looking at me as if I were a loony who jumps inside his car and asked if he can apparate me from where I hailed him to my work and now to the cinemas. Need I elaborate how evil my friends are and how saintly I am?

So I waited for him for a couple of minutes and then we proceeded to buy some tickets and off he goes with his litany about dates who always bail out the last minute. Sigh! I've been dreading New Moon because we'll, I just don't like how Edward looks (no offense to the fans of the said saga. Peace tayo!) and how cheesy the lines are. Mind you, I was the one who introduced the story to some friends and I'm now one of those who are saying nay to the entire brouhaha.

In the middle of the movie, I asked my friend if he would like to be friends with both werewolves and vampires. Probably because he was still not over the fact that he got stood up he asked, "and then both of them will be in love with me?" I then reminded him that he is not Bella and never will be even if he gets a boob job.

Though he got stood up, he has a reason to be thankful. Why? Because incidentally, his brother was in the same movie house with his girlfriend and it would be a riot if his brother will see him with a guy for a date. He never realized this, I have to point out the obvious to him and I hope it made his day!

Close to three hours after, I am on my way to work and because my stomach was complaining because I haven't had any meal since that morning, I dropped by to yet another fast food chain to grab some chow. I know, I am not living a healthy lifestyle and whatnot. I gobbled the burger in less than 5 minutes and downed the pineapple juice and a can of coke. Now I'm full but now I don't feel like working anymore either. Dang!

So I decided to take a nap in my workstation since no one is around anyway except for my partner. I asked her to wake me up after 30 minutes just so that I will have the energy to work. I am like a boa constrictor who after eating will go hibernating for quite a while until I will have digested what I consumed. But no, scratch that. Instead of waking up and going back to work. I decided to just call it a day. Now there's goes another unproductive night. Blah!

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I think I need that kind of day right now. Would just love to bum around and accomplish absolutely nothing. Lols...and about your friend being stood up. well yeah, at least his brother didn't see him on a date with another guy. hehehehe

watch out the label... mean friends? ha!

anyways, thanks for the rescue that night...

what happen to these guys... I'm too beautiful to be ignored... damned right!?

i wouldn't say it was completely unproductive. you were able to blog about it, after all. ;)

@lead. touche!

@clipped. inana jud na sya friend. naintimidate sila sa imong beauty. ahihi. ada! mean bya jud mo. lolz.

@mel. wanna swap lives for a day? :)

what happened to you? Blogsphere is missing you big time!!!!

@anne. work is uber intoxicating and i am loving every minute of it.. weh!

kidding.. nalumos ko diri teh.. luwasa akong kalag.

it wasn't unproductive at all.

you spent time with a dear friend. I'd take that any given day. :-)