when I snap, I bite.

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Lately, I just feel so snippy that I have the tendency to start biting anyone who gets in my way. From last Friday until last night, I snapped a couple of times. First was when this fling turned into super cheesy friend started bugging me and go drama queen. He texted me asking if I would like to meet up that day to jog. I haven't been feeling well lately so I declined but he made a big fuzz about it saying I have been eluding him for months now. I don't know what he had for lunch that time but he started throwing daggers at me until we had a heated verbal opposition. He lambasted me saying "I am playing hard to get and it's not as if I am good looking enough for him to go loco over." Take that!

I grew my horns right there and then and skewered him to kingdom come. So I sent him a reply: "I know I'm not good looking and what is it to you anyway? I know my worth and how come you keep on asking for sex? If I'm not that hot you would have taken a clue and walked away when I started ignoring you. You are so lame!" I know that sounds too cocky but I felt being defensive. He texted back: "Sorry. It's just that I'm bored and I feel like bugging you." "Yeah right! You can take your boredom up your ass cause I'm not in the mood to play your silly games," I quipped.

Another instance was with this new online friend. He is a blogger that I've seen around but never said hi to and we were supposed to meet up and chitchat over my happy food. I didn't take my dinner that night thinking that we were going to push through with our meet up. So I went to work with an empty stomach. I was a bit ecstatic to finally meet up with another blogger aside from the usual crowd that I hang out with. He was online when I logged in and I confirmed if we are going to push through with the meet up. I don't know what happened but he started telling me that he feels I was just being forced to meet up with him and that I don't really feel like meeting up at all. Errr.. I didn't take my dinner??? We ended up not meeting that night and I don't know if we ever will.

Then last night, my two brothers, my older brother's girlfriend and her two friends decided to go videoke. They arrived late and I felt sorry for my brother for he has been calling her but she is not picking up. She was not in the mood when she arrived and she started whining at my brother. That did it! I snapped again and went after her neck. "If you don't feel like coming you could have informed us ahead of time instead of ruining our night. This was you're idea and I don't appreciate you throwing tantrums when we waited for close to two hours here without a word from you." Then I excused myself and played DOTA to make myself feel better. I was just so annoyed I feel like literally eating her alive.

And that didn't end there. When I paid for my usage at the cafe where I played DOTA, the bitch at the counter started complaining that she doesn't have change for my bill. My eyebrow hit the ceiling and I started growling to warn her that I am to go after her neck. My vitriolic tongue is about to spit acid shit on her face. Good thing she left her post.

My youngest brother then called me up and we met at Jollibee to have my usual happy food for snacks. He told me that I was just so mean to my brother's girlfriend and that she felt humiliated. He was laughing when he told me that my face looks so funny when I'm annoyed. I'm just so transparent that they can feel the tension inside the room. I guess that's just me. I am no good with poker face or what have yous. I just hope this week will be totally different.

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I usually smile a lot but when I snap oh better hide

sometimes mainitin ulo natin than usual, hayaan mo at lilipas din yan

can you spell b-e-y-a-t-c-h?


i know that face alright! I've seen it hundred times...

it reads back off!


Well she was being rude to keep everybody waiting and then bitching so she deserved a lashing.

Well your brother's girlfriend sure got what she deserved. I mean come on, why walk in there with such an attitude and make your boyfriend's brothers and everyone wait for you? Right. Well I hope she better think twice about pulling off a stunt like that next time around. hehehehehe.

@xtian. hay naku.. as in lately mainitin tlga ulo ko and its not nice.

@EW. tse! im no bitch. im a bitch-let. you're the mother bitch.

@clippedwings. haha.. good!

@thepeachtart. i know and she got what she deserved. although i think i was too harsh.

@mel. errr.. my boyfriend's brother? lolz. i dont think that part where i will be introducing my bf to my brothers will ever come. that's the time that i will get skewered to death.

chill lang, hehehe. ;)

hail, the new Miranda... the devil wears a pouty lips!

@max. thanks!

@anne. tse! hahaha.