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"Hun, how come wala ka nibisita nako? Kalagon jud taka!"

Those were the exact words in the text message I received on my way to work. Hon, why didn't you visit me? I will haunt you????? Creepy! I was left completely bewildered and I was honestly spooked out!

Then I realized that the only person who calls me Hun is the same girl who got shot on her way to work. Who got robbed and helpless as she was, being so skinny and for crying out loud for being a girl, she got shot on the chest which ended up puncturing her lungs.

I came to work that night completely hyped to hear that our department bagged a place during the recently concluded inter-account quiz bowl. Then the news completely blew the enthusiasm out of me and I was weak on the knees that I needed to sit down to calm myself. It's situations like that that really makes me shut up and just think of how fortunate I was during the time that I got mugged and all my stuff were taken away from me. Although I was left bleeding on the side, it was just a small cut and I wasn't really stabbed or plunged to death with the freaking knife.

She was at the hospital for a week and because of the crazy schedule due to the client visit and whatnot, I completely lost track of time and failed to visit her. I know, I know.. Nobody can rely on me when it comes to time management. I suck big time at it! They said she was hooked to various wires and there were tubes inserted her body and now she's all stitches.

She is a good friend, although one hell of a whining agent and a self confessed bitch, nobody has the right to just take her life away from her. What has happened to the world? I know I have to make up for not being there at the hospital but thank heavens she's now OK! If (God forbid!) you will ever encounter such incident, give away whatever you have with you. Things are replaceable. Your life is not!

She's recuperating quite well and hopefully she'll be back on her feet to continue with her battles. And yeah, I guess I deserve that text message. I will just get even with her if she's completely healed.

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Oh well it's good to know she is recovering. What a horrible experience. My friend was accidentally shot and the bullet missed her spine by a hair! But that was enough to save her from becoming completely paralyzed. She still has her keloid from that experience.

That's a very horrible experience..
salamat naman she is still okey and she will need all your support..

@mel. yep! thank God she's getting better.

@dhon. as in horrible mu leng..

i haven't been reading attentively. i thought at first "the friend" did die and you got a message from a ghost. thank god she's fine!