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I used to say that I will never fall into the wickedness of massage and massage salons. I am not just saying that for the hell of it but I have my reasons. First, I am very ticklish that even the slightest contact of the hand on my body will make me squirm like as if I am set on fire. Silly really but that's just how my body reacts. Another thing is, every time I get a full body massage the next day I am sick, literally. With snot running down my nasal orifice and whatnot. Then I remember that at the start of the year I made a New Year's resolution: never say never.

So I confess, I ended up eating my words because now I am addicted to Thai massage. I am still ticklish but its sheer heaven hearing bones cracking (including my body) inside the spa. A bit sado-masochistic but that's just me. I had my full Thai body massage for the fourth time in four straight days. I don't know if that's a good thing or what but I'm enjoying it.

Then last Monday, while I was lying on the mat waiting for the masseuse to shatter my body to fragments, I remember the things I shared with my friends in reference of course to massage since that's what I am writing about now. There's my good friend who every after drinking session goes straight to a massage parlor to get his body caressed, fondled and what not by the masseur and errr.. the rest is too graphic to be talked about here. I just hope you got my drift though.

Then there's my other friend who fell in love with his masseur. Kind of weird really because he had a boyfriend and his lame excuse was he just wants a diversion. Well to each his own. Good thing though he ended the quasi-relationship before went completely bonkers over the guy, else he would be running after his money.

Then I remembered one time, we ended another drinking spree at around 5am in the morning and this friend started looking for an open parlor. Where are we supposed to go at that unholy hour to get a massage? There are a few around the city that are still open but he doesn't want to do it with a masseuse. So we scoured the outskirts of the city and even came to this spa/salon/whore house in A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City. Thinking that they have masseurs inside because of this huge poster of David Boreanaz half naked we parked outside and asked around.

They charged P1500 for an hour of massage and that includes everything and I don't want to know what "every" includes BUT they don't have any masseurs. Mind you, the moment we entered the establishment we can hear moaning and beds creaking. Upon hearing the welcoming sounds my friend made a dash for the door as if he just got burned. Oh and by the way, in case you might be interested to check out the place it's Duke Massage.

So I guess the world of massage, masseuse and masseurs is like a breathing niche of interesting lives. Kind of like a little underground coven only with more people involved. Errr, scratch that! I suck with analogies. And before I end this post there's this online guy who messaged me who claimed that he's straight and yet he's been offering lingam massage and more for a good 4 years now. As if I'm buying that crap! If you don't know what lingam massage is go figure and let me know your thoughts!

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suddenly, i miss cebu.hehehe

haha I tried yung magpamasahe, sabi ng girl kung hard ba, sabi ko oo hard, putik ang hard nga, ayun parang nabugbug ako after, 3 days ako hirap maglakad, so far hindi pa nauulit uli magpamasahe

I'm addicted to massage. Lingum is a part of tantric massage.

i actually googled it and was a bit shocked with what i found out. do they actually do that one? i mean, do they offer that kind of service? hahaha.

lingam = wand of light. lols.

omg! I am soooo ticklish but I love love love getting a massage. It is so relaxing. I got a foot massage the other day and there was this one guy wearing a towel who walked right across the room. His towel dropped with his man handles there for everyone to see. He picked up his towel and said ooops....lols...anyways... looks like you are enjoying your daily dose of massages. did you get any bruises? I get them easily so I try to go out for a massage at least once every two weeks. =)

ano ang lingam massage?

pa-explain naman kasi busilak, dalisay, at mayumi po ako.


@geek. balik ka kaya dito. hehe

@xtian. naku! try mo yung PISIL na massage spa dito sa cebu. kinabukasan puno ka ng bruises. haha.

@peach. yeah.. and i cannot imagine a guy doing that to another guy. teehee..

@max. yeah meron tlga dito spa salon sa cebu na ganyan service nila. malapit lang dito sa work place namin. hahaha.

@mel. i used to get bruises until my body somehow got used to the beating. :D

@EW. tse ka tlaga! hahaha..


so we talking about massage here...

did you know that aviary has changed its name. It sounded raunchy.. ahhahaha... it think the word is Hapuhap... hehhe

i have tried last weekend bentusa (fire cupping).. it feels great.. i will do the volcanic rocks next time with body scrub..

I love massage..

how come I dont know about lingam massage here.. can u direct me... this is interesting.. I just googled it...

char! heheh

I'm ticklish too but I forget about it when it comes to massage. :)

But the stories I read here are new to me. I didn't know masseurs and customers may develop relationships. Am I that innocent? Or ignorant? Haha :)