me, myself and my stupidity

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This will be a quick post as I have more pressing things to attend to. I am here at work on a freakin' Sunday because there are a lot of back logs. Anyway this entry is about how silly and stupid I can get and how my stupid pranks backfired at me.

Since it's a Sunday the office is very quiet and I have the place all to myself. My partner will be coming over to finish her part of the back logs. I usually play tricks on her scare her to death by hiding under the desk and giving her a coronary the moment she sees me lurking there like Toshio from The Grudge.

One time she was late and she sent me an SMS saying she will just make up for being late and buy me dinner at KFC. So fine, apology accepted. The moment she entered the office I heard her ask the guard outside if I am still in. I was nowhere to be seen, I was hiding under her desk and I pulled the chair forward so she won't see me. She almost threw the food at me as pulled her chair and I started crawling out of the desk. She was shrieking like a mad banshee and she was torn between crying and laughing out loud.

Now, I got in first again and I heard someone at the entrance. So I quickly hid behind the door to scare her and then laugh at her face. I know, I am mean. This time though as I've said my silliness backfired because who came in was not my partner but my manager! Eerrr, she sure got surprised and gave out a shriek but she almost smacked me. I just lamely said I thought she was the person I was expecting to come in and asked her why she's here on a Sunday.

"What we're you thinking? Are you trying to kill me?"
she asked.

Uhhhmm.. Maybe? She just laughed after though so I guess it wasn't that bad.

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funny! :P i can't really picture this prank happening in my office. haha.

@floreta. good thing my boss is pretty much very laid back that we can kid around with her.

What a name for a blog - cute :)
Im with floreta can't imagine it ever happening at my former place of business!

really?! I cant imagine her face.. oh no... you're bad...

oh well...

haha! cute! :)

Oh gosh. I think I'd be a bit embarrassed if that happened to me. Looks like you were the one who ended up surprised and shocked. hehehe. i know I would have been. What a cool boss you have. =)


haha :) your boss is pretty cool :)

hahahaa... i can't imagine your face when you found out it was your boss.. hehehehehe

my friend also tried to prank one of our friends and she ended up doing it to our PRINCIPAL! wahahaha.

finally found your blog. i noticed you were on my blogs but was not able to view yours because your profile is apparently hidden?. you're entries are very interesting.

do i know you eye_spy?