atleast i feel loved.

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I feel so loved today. A good friend just came back from her trip from Manila and she got me a pack of hopia with mocha flavor which is kind of weird and at the same time something new to my palate. There's also this pandan flavor which I think tastes better than the mocha ones. Then earlier my mother called me up, initially upset because I haven't been in touch for days (and that's because I didn't buy any prepaid credits for my phone as I hardly make use of it) but in the end told me that she misses me a lot and that she loves me.

Then while inside the cab on my way to work the driver was very kind to ask me if the AC was just ok and that he'll adjust it if I want. Something trivial really but doesn't happen a lot so I say it's worth noting. Then out of nowhere one of the leaders gave me Starbucks coffee. Not really into fancy coffee (and something more expensive than a 3-in-1 Nescafe is already fancy for me) but he gave it for free so why not! Then my seatmate, although she raised her eyebrows at the gesture, gave me some of her rice cakes. So now I have coffee and cakes. Sweet!

Everyone is more than willing to feed me and I don't even look like a malnourished animal. What can I say, I'm easy to please. Before the end of the day I might end up bloated but at least I feel loved!

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try the mongo and the ube flavored eng bee ten hopia. they're really good. i'll send you some if you like. and some for clipped wings as well. hehe. :)

Awww well it's great to hear that today was a much better day as compared to your previous post. I hope things are even better tomorrow. Cheers! =)

indigent naka teh?

@pipo. i know. lolz. thanks for droppin by.

@max. tlga? would love that! shall i send your my address now? haha.. clipped wings will be thrilled.

@mel. thanks mel!

@anne. feel ko rin parang ganun. haha.

may nagmamahal naman sa yo a ;)

@P mgpakilala ka nga P? lolz.. parang kinilig naman ako sa comment mo. hahaha.

@eye_spy: sure, just send me an email. :)

ay pampam ka talaga! hahaha


@max. i have just sent you an email. haha.

@P. oo naman. kaya nga friends tayo kasi we are of the same feathers. haha.

really Max? how sweet of you... yeah I like the ube... thank you so much.. I'm thrilled... kailan?

pwede krispy kremes din? hehehe joke...

Lucky you. Moments that make us feel we are loved are worth keeping. And blogging. :)