its a s.l.o.w. friday

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Got in here at 8PM, it's still 4AM and I won't be hauling myself out of this place not until 9AM. Blah!

The things that happened within the past few hours:

1. Saw someone crying because they just lost a site-wide dancing competition. Err... I usually empathize with people who are so emotional but this time, I feel like laughing at her face. I mean come on, losing is part of the game. You hope but you don't expect! Besides, their performance sucks big time. I swear!

2. Someone gave me Starbucks again, I don't know why but since it's for free then Thank You!

3. And of course, drinks are better appreciated if there's food. Lo and behold, KFC Zinger is here to save the day. Thank you so much again? Teehee.. I know I'm unhealthy.

4. I also heard from an old friend and was completely aghast to know that now he's got a son??? Oh well, I guess he's finally moved on.

5. Then I got this cute email. Some people are just so "emo" that they even drag fruits along with their emo-ness but this "art" really made me smile like this: (^_______________^)

6. And I just met another blogger earlier: Dhon
Go check out his page. Suddenly, after meeting people (bloggers) the past days I feel like going out and meeting other bloggers. I mean, it's good to be back in touch with the world, out of the dark and dank cave that I've been living in. I feel human again. So any bloggers wanna meet up?

And who knows what will happen the next few hours. I still have 5 hours to go. It sure is a slooooow Friday, oh it's now Saturday. Now I lost track of the days.

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;-) .. Oi YM mate.. you are becoming workaholic na.. hindi na yan healthy.. :P

Sige meet din tayo. hahaha.

i'd love to meet you but let me know first where are you from? cebu ba? :)

meet din tayo.

pero come to think of it, hindi pa pala kailangan kasi nagkita na tayo sa ating mga puso ;)

puede rin ba ako makipagmeet sayo?

@dhon. di ako workaholic no. napilitan lang. haha

@bampiraako. cge go!

@kikit. hello miss.. yeah im from cebu. ;D

@P. ay tlga? kinilig naman ako.

@bloiggster. kuripot ka. di pwede. haha

i've been meaning to know you!
have me met before? i have a feeling i know you. feeling lang, feelingera man gud ko. hihihihi.
seriously kaila ta?
and by the way, i know DHON. You work in the same company?

@jabberedonion. lolz. i dont think we've met before though i would really love to meet you sometime.

nope, dhon and i are not co-workers. we just met here. :)