fries and sundae: my own brand of happy food

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There are times when we feel so defensive and territorial to the point that we get annoyed when other people are hanging around with our friends and our friends opted to join them for a change of environment. Happens a lot really and I guess it's kind of normal for people to feel a pang of jealousy every time they feel abandoned. It's not really that they are being left out or forsaken it's just that it's wise to sometimes detach yourself with the people you usually tag along with. You need to grow and that would mean jumping out of your comfort zones. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt.

We don't really have to limit and have our world revolve around the lives of our friends. Even husbands and wives don't share the same activity everyday, yet they know who they go home to. How much more can you expect from friends? Letting each other broaden horizons is the best thing to do. Though it's natural to sometimes feel a twinge of envy towards those people whom your friends are spending time with, remember that if those people you regard as friends are your real friends then through thick and thin, despite the new acquaintances they meet along the way, they will always put you in the bigger picture.

As to the reason why I'm blabbering again, I remember my other friend last Sunday was a tad disappointed when he saw that one of our friends is hanging around with new faces. Not just that, I am trying to make myself understand as well that really: it's easier said than done. I am in that position right now and I'm currently eating my heart out while looking at my friend's album with her new friends. It's just one of those days when I feel like being selfish and no, I won't tolerate this for long. So I'm off to grab my happy food or junk: fries and sundae.

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ug giblog talaga niya- "THE jealous friend " : P true. I had a friend who was really toxic and so possessive. She hated seeing me hang out with new people though we still hung out every now and then. Her possessive ways drove me away.
Fries and sundae sounds good right about now. I want a chocolate sundae.

when i was in college, i had this feeling of jealousy when i saw my friends going out with other people. i felt i so alone and left out.

the thing is we don't own them, we don't own anyone. we only own ourselves. so having fries and sundae was a very wise decision. let's be happy and comfortable with or without other people :)

I totally can relate to this post. Am always territorial.. It never fails! :p

I'm quite a possessive friend too so I know the feeling.

I was once possessive. I realized long time ago that.. some of my so called friends don't value friendship as much as I do...

so now... the hell i care who they are with... true friends stay no matter what.. through thick or thin...

you can sense it... who these type of people are... hahhaah

hahaha my bestfriend got jealous when i was with another friend. ngayon ko lang nalaman...

sa akin krispy kreme's original glazed.

i owe u a mcdo sundae. see u in december! :)