i am just so effing upset right now that i dont even know what to say

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The world is plagued with fuckers. They will fuck you in the ass the moment they'll get the chance to.

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agree.. The truth is that this meanness directed at us sometimes shouldn’t surprise us. It’s a pattern already evident even in Cleopatra-ruled Egypt. The ugly girls gossip and connive. The beautiful ones dazzle. Malice is always a good outlet for envy. Pasagdi teh! :)

@anne. lagi. gsapot lang jud but im ok now. i just had my serving of sundae and fries so now im pretty much ok. haha.

hmmm, rainy days have this effect on me.

@yodz. its not just the rainy days.. it's the people you work with who sucks the life out of you. but im ok. im resilient. or so i think. :P

then we have to be extra careful of our asses.

@geek. haha.. i agree!

Good choice of picture there.

my ass just tightened up after reading this.

@rudeboy. thank you!

@peach tart. you are crazy im loving you already. haha.

ay sows! heavy days lang yan ding. :-p

@JJ. haha.. amaw!