awkward wednesday

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I was asked to come to work early today because they need someone to sit in for the interview of the new hires we need. Knowing that I haven't gotten enough sleep, my supervisor bought me coffee. On our way up from the coffee shop, I saw someone in the lift that somehow made me wide-eyed and sweaty as if someone just pushed the panic button and I go around running in circles, screaming as if my hair is on fire.

I never expected to see this person ever again. The deal has been sealed and he's just one those flings you have when the itch is there. No strings attached, they say. I don't know what's more awkward. Him seeing me and calling me by the "name" I gave him or my manager looking at me with a questioning look and asking me later on who the guy was. I tried to sound nonchalant about it and lied that he's a friend of a friend and we got introduced during those days when I go home completely wasted. I think she took the bait.

So we headed to the interview room and started asking the litany of questions. Then, unexpectedly, he came in. Oh-em-gee.. please give me a break! He looked so composed and cool that I asked myself, what if he will make it and he will become my office mate? NO! NO! NO! This will be the demise of my facade as the ever-pure-never-been-touched-never-been-kissed-celibate! This is so not happening. You are so not unmasking me today.

I hardly talked the entire time while he was being skewered by my manager. He just smiled and answered the question while I evilly snickered inside my head at the same time avoiding his stares.

I will burst your bubble!

Then it's my turn to ask the questions and of course since they delegated me to asked some technical questions regarding the support, I shot him some tricky queries -- which he failed to answer.

He stepped out of the room and we delegated as to whether or not we will accept him or endorse him to another room for another account interview. Of course, you know the answer to that. It's not just because I don't want him in the account (that's just a morsel of my reasons) but really he's not the profile we are looking for. I pointed out my views and my boss took those into consideration.

He came back in and she delivered the coup de grace.

Please proceed to the next room Mr. ____. We will be endorsing you for another account interview. Thank you so much for your time!

Saved! Sorry hun, not this time.

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Good. That would have been too awkward.

the ever-pure-never-been-touched-never-been-kissed-celibate


well hello there, ms. prudencia dimagalaw!


@peach tart. i know. thank heavens!

@ew. hahaha.. that's just a front.


Imagine someone you had a night-stand with many years ago becoming your subordinate. Hehe.

@koji. tell me about it!

@knox. nooooooo..

sows my ever-unadulterated-chaste-maiden friend!

You just described in detail one of my greater fears - encountering in a professional manner someone I've encountered in a reckless one-night-stand (or in your case, a fling). Hahaha. Thank goodness that ever happened to me before, but I've always thought what it would be like. ;)

hey thanks for leaving a comment.

Admit it! You were just a bit too cruel. Haha.

I would do the same though so I won't question your motives here.

hehehehe.. thanks for dropping my a comment, by the way.. and oh, i love ur header.. it's cute! ^_^

@JJ. omg! ur alive! haha..

@lead. haha. you should keep on writing! i love the way you write.

@onion.. pleasure. love your page. following.

@demigoddess. glad that we share the same wickedness.

@jay. thanks for droppin by.

chicka! You are mean... you could have help him... hahahah

let the sparkle happen again... hahahah

@clipped. dont worry if i get the chance to see him again reto kita. lol

lol on this post! but you'll still be on the same building if ever he gets hired.

wow i can't imagine what a tricky situation that must have been!

handled well, hopefully he got the other job!

@Lazarus. not to be mean or something but I hope he wont get in. haha..

@artistic logic. did i? well thank you! :)

i was once in the recruitment section and i totally understand how you felt. but the good thing was you remained objective...

but still cruel. hahaha :)

i enjoyed this blog. :)

@kikit. thanks for visiting. =)

nko sa simula lang naman iyang awkwardness na iyan. buti na lang may pagka boba kundi mapaparaning ka.