seriously, what were they thinking?

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Who in his right mind would try to hijack an 18,000 tonne, 525 foot command vessel and fuel tanker in the Indian Ocean? Well those Somali Pirates were audacious enough to raid this monster ship thinking that what's in front of them is a commercial vessel. I'm pretty sure they were scared shitless when they figured that their nightmare is floating afront looming like Goliath over David. This story cracked me up!

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Wahahahaha.. I found myself laughing teh hell out of me this early.. Oh yes, these pirates should have orientation first!

Eye: Shoot me with your cannon. Please.


@anne. amaw kaayo noh?

@ew. haha.. somebody stop you! :P

lols...i read about this. This had me laughing. what an idiot. but serves them right! hahaha

@chinky. i agree. hehe.