the night my heart shattered into pieces for someone i dont know

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"Eighty-four, Because at that age, you don't have to work anymore, and you can spend
all your time loving each other in your bedroom."(Judy, 8)


"They want to make sure their rings don't fall off because they paid good money for
them."(Dave, 8)

In one of my posts, I told the story about one of my friends who was kinky as hell. Well she just got married. The interesting part is, she married someone she met online. They've been chatting for a month and whoopeydoo they tied the knot days after the guy got here. So if you are to think of it, they really just know each other in less than two months. Who on earth would like to get hitched in a span of less than two months from the time you started chatting? Well she did. To each his own they say.

Now the reason why I'm blabbering about her again is not because I find her real cool and that I'm hoping someday my time will come and I will go gaga over someone and just drag my ass to who knows where and get married. In a way I am still conservative and honestly find what she did as totally kooky. It's because along the line of flirting and having hot sex with the guy she sealed the deal with, someone got hurt (guy B). Now I am not throwing stones at her as I don't really know the other guy but with how she shared the whole hullabaloo, feeling guilty and with misty eyes I cannot help but feel for the other guy (guy B).

You see Mr-as-crazy-as-my-cuckoo-friend (the one she married and I will be referring to as guy A) went back to US already. So my friend is left here by herself not having any inkling at all as to what lies after marriage and after she took the name of guy A. Guy B who got hurt actually came first in her life and she just threw away everything to the wind after guy A decided to come and visit her. She said she just got tired of him.

So to make the complicated and long story short, Guy B didn't know that she just got married and she has no plans of telling him either. She tried breaking up with him but he is still clinging to the hope that she will change her mind and thinks that what's happening to them is just a petty misunderstanding. The day before she got married she received a notice about the fiancee visa that Guy B applied and she was really caught off guard and started feeling guilty about the whole thing.

Now the saddest part is she tried persuading Guy B to go back to the consulate and cancel everything. Guy B said he went there three times but he just can't do it and that the moment he steps in the office he immediately opens the door and walk away. He is asking for another chance and promised to be better. I was there when he made the phone call and I can't help but just look the other way to hide the fact that I feel so sad about the entire thing. In a way my heart also got broken that night.

She has her reasons but I really feel sorry for the guy. I guess I'm just overly emotional but really after what they've been through she just traded everything for someone she hardly knows. I am not putting down my foot and say she made the wrong decision because whether she did or she did not, it's her life that she is leading anyway.
I guess I'm just saddened by the fact that she took off the ring that Guy B gave her and exchanged it for another ring studded with diamonds from Guy A. Marriage is no light matter that you can just flippantly get in to and jump overboard once you get tired of it. While there are others who are just so damn desperate to get bagged least get taken seriously, others are having the time of the their lives breaking the hearts of others.

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While there are others who are just so damn desperate to get bagged least get taken seriously, others are having the time of the their lives breaking the hearts of others.

Very true. Sometimes, we end up hurting the ones who really love us. :(

That's a sad story for Guy B. Perhaps karma will work it's magic on the woman.

Poor Guy B! That sucks

@kikit. sad really.

@peach tart. oooppsss.. i dont want to say that to her. she is after all still a friend. haha

@constructive. i agree. :(

I feel so bad for Guy B. Also, I don't know how I feel about the whole dating online thing



im so in love with your new template <3

oh no...that is so sad. Kind of reminds me of the saying "too busy collecting stones that you lost a diamond". I hope your friend recovers from such a heartache. Poor guy. =(

wow. i have no qualms about marrying someone you meet online.. but not like that or that fast!!

the quotes remind me of this one thing i heard on the tv. this boy thought that you make babies by daddy's magic hand! haha