it's good to be back

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I was supposed to write about how I spent my Saturday as promised, to entertain two of my friends but I will digress. I want to tell both of them though that as usual on a Monday, I hadn't had enough sleep. However something interesting happened earlier today and after quite sometime I got back on my feet and started dating. It's not really something fancy but it's nice to feel like the princess on a white horse again. Like Rapunzel up in the tower waiting for my prince charming to shout my name and I, I will let down my non-existent tresses so he can give it a tug and climb the parapet to see me. That's just me letting my imagination run wild -- again.

It's been awhile since I last dated and it's nice to meet up with someone not in bed but somewhere else where physical contact is not that possible under the scrutinizing eyes of the public. A touch of the hand under the table every now and then, holding your arms when he gets the chance to. Things that I haven't been doing with someone aside from friends. It's giving me the high that I would like to do it again and I'm still recalling the experience until now. So eat your hearts out my dear friends.

On second thought, since I love my friends that much and I always try to keep my promises I will have them cannibalize my not so good Saturday. So I received a message from this guy with abs to die for in one of those dating sites (read: booty call/messaging site). So anyhow he wanted to meet up and since he's a hotshot, I didn't have the heart to turn him down because I'm really kind to cuties like him. When he called me on the phone and asked if I can drop by his hotel I literally had the cab flew to his location.

We met up at the hotel lobby and he invited me first for coffee which I graciously declined. He sure is an eye candy and my x-ray vision was totally scanning him up and down. Just when I thought I will get laid after being arid as the Sahara desert, Lady Luck turned her back at me and in comes this elderly Caucasian. He just sat in front of me nonchalantly and went down to business. I was flabbergasted when I knew that they were a couple and they wanted to have a menage a trois with moi. No can do, not my thing and definitely not with a very old guy who's as old as my grandpa. Imagine that, my grandpa is already 79!!!

Then he donned on this business-like tone and said he is willing to pay $100. Are you effing kidding me? I just puked in my mouth! The old geezer wants my ass for $100! So I stood up and look him in the eye.

"No offense but sex is no trade for me and I don't dig geriatrics."

I straightened my dress, grabbed my purse and went on clippetyclops with my 4 inch Manolo heels. Kiss my ass you cheap prehistoric critter!

I don't really want to go into the details as that would be TMI. I'm hoping though that Mr-Eye candy-with-abs-to-die-for will call me again and see me sans the old fart. I can only imagine me and him on a date. Gawd! I just heard my heart go thump-thump in my chest.

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hahahha that's all...

you could have called me.. heheheh joke...

@clipped. its different this time. i dont want to give him away. sayang noh, dapat ako muna bago ikaw. lol.

you can have the geriatric plus you get to keep the money. harhar.

shitness friend, until now im still thinking of that date. haha.

as in nanibago tlga after the very long hiatus.

Wow. I would have been insulted about the old guy and the $100 offer.

@peachtart. probably he's thinking that he can easily buy sex here. duh!

$100? ang cheap nya a.

I'll take $105.


I so like the attitude.. Wahahahaha.. Now im beginning to think if you're indeed my friend.. :) SO much for my conservative nature.. :)

@EW. sira ulo ka tlga. haha

@Anne. i just have a lot of personality in me that sometimes i even get myself confused. sybil in the making. hehe.

hahahaha i can just imagine you bitching (in a meek way) the geriatric and walking away with your stilettos clicking on the polished floor of the hotel. but i can NOT imagine you, my half-virgin friend, drooling over the abs guy. :-P

i like the attitude!... i am sure you were able to pull it off.. in 4 inch Manolo heels..

@JJ. you should have known by now that im so unpredictable.

@dhon. of course! haha