i heart paolo

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"Monogamy is a myth that has been rammed down people's throats for far too long. The inability to be monogamous isn't just a matter of excess hormones or vanity, but, as all research indicates a genetic configuration in almost all animals."

"David Barash, Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle said that the only species in nature that doesn't commit adultery and in which there seems to be one hundred percent monogamy is a flatworm, Diplozoon Paradoxum. The male and female worms meet as adolescents and their bodies literally fuse together."

from the Winner Stands Alone --- Paolo Coelho.

Interesting.. I should stop whining and complaining about why those guys I used to go "steady" with just can't keep their dicks inside their pants. One "friend" even came up with that reason saying he's just a guy and testosterone level is too high, overflowing even. I guess I'd rather see them as energizer bunnies running and humping around than become a flatworm and be one with them for all eternity. Oh well, I'll just let them live their lives as they see it fit. *sigh*

In the meantime I'll just heed Katy Perry's line: "There's tons of fish in the water, so the water I will test." So off to the ocean I go.

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Naku, baka makahuli ka ng super sireyna.



me too, i heart paolo.

isn't the Philippine eagle monogamous too? well, let's salute their faithfulness. blessings!

hmmmmm then you don't have a reason not to go out with us this Saturday to go fishing hehehehehe
- eric

@EW. ay i dont super sireyna. gusto ko ng siokee. gagah! lolz.

@geek. apir!

@Hailey's Beats and Bits. really now? i didnt know that. now i feel like becoming an eagle. hehe.

@eric. hullo! :D hhmmm.. ok!

i guess tama ka nga diyan. nahuli ko nga partner ko pero tanga ako tinangap ko pa din siya

@xtian. hay naku naman kasi yang pg-ibig na yan.. hahamakin ang lahat makachurva lang. lol.

i still believe in monogamy. :) i guess you just haven't met him yet...


i'm too naive. hahaha.

for someone who's heart is filled with love, this post is a bit scary. hehe :) But I always cross my fingers. Sometimes, even my feet. :)

i love this post. irons out crumpled matters. haha

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