im coming out, i want the world to know... gotta let it show.

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The youngest brother of my friend is getting married soon. Last Saturday night, their entire family went to Ayala to have dinner with the girl's family and to formally ask for the girl's hand. Knowing the paranoid Tinkerbell in my friend, he sent me an SMS.

Ron: I hope no one who knows me will see me in Ayala with my family.

Me: You're just scared that they will approach your family and tell them that you're a full-fledged faerie outside your house.

Ron: That's the thing cause if someone will start bitchin around I will definitely come out of the closet and bitch back.

Me: You should have brought your feather boa with you and start sashaying inside the mall like Tyra Banks.

Ron: Our youngest brother is getting married and as expected I will be interrogated about my love life (or lack thereof) and plans of settling down.

Me: That's it! Lest your parents will push you to join the bandwagon, you have to confess to them that you prefer dicks over chicks. Or do you also dig chicks with dicks? Lol.

Ron: Labad!

He will be the only one in the family who hasn't settled yet -- or decided if he will eventually. Don't worry my friend, we will be here and we can grow old together downing barrels of vodka and what have yous.

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hindi naman uso na ngayon ang mag-asawa kaya ok lang 'yun. wala na lang pakialamanan.

off topic.

world of warcraft player ka ba? saw your dwarf avatar kasi. amfness. sang server ka?

@xtian. i don't think he has the heart to tell that straight to his parents face. lol.

@jin. well not really WOW. i just play dota. not so into level up games now. ;)

Eye: thank goodness I'm not badgered anymore at reunions with THAT question.

I guess they all got tired asking me.


good for you. every time i get asked that question i just smile and act as if i dont understand the language they're using.

gi-blog ba... hahahha

@clippedwings. ana! watch ka ni eric. mgbuhat sad to sya ug iyahang page or iyang bastuson imong site. hahaha.