i woke up today with this feeling, that better things are coming my way

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Keep on movin - Five My Music - by Five

I havent been blogging lately as I am just too caught up with sleeping and running and playing badminton and errr, more sleeping. Friends already asked me whats with another blog hiatus and I just shrug the question off saying I don't feel like writing lately.

Today is actually an exception as this morning made me really really happy that I am compelled to write a short note about it.

Our department/account is looking for another officer and the search ended the other day. Today the news went out and much to the dismay, consternation, dread and whatnot of the other leaders, it was my friend who snatched the position dangling in front of the noses of their friends who vied for the position.

I was listening to the song Keep on Moving earlier and the song was playing on a loop while I was happily chatting with my Pok. I guess the song was pretty timely (really!) because my friend who was about to throw in the towel gave it another shot as I pleaded (and I know he is not the type who just quits that easily) and the effort paid off.

He was about to leave the company and start anew in Manila because he thinks a new beginning is what he needs (I say he just wants to go there because he is gaga over Max and he is just itching to see him in the flesh but that's TMI already and I know he will kill me for this.).

I am just so glad that I wasn't able to contain my excitement, I rushed to their floor (and I almost bumped on the glass door) to congratulate him instead of sending out an email. So there! Congratulations my dear friend and welcome to hell another endeavor. This calls for a celebration so bring out our friends Jose and Absolut.

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haha fav ko rin ang jose at absolut. nauubos ko nga mag-isa 'yun. pero hindi ako lasengo ha


ay hala max, may naluluking na naman sa yo!


alright... since i'm sooo happy today.. I forgive you for letting the whole world know about how crazy I am with Max...

curious lang naman... may similarities lang sila based ng mga stories nya and this guy I used to date long time ago.. hahhaha

what could have happened nong tinuloy ko plans to live in Manila... hmmm...

@xtian. lolz. di naman masyado sa lagay na yan.

@ew. ay oo naman.

@clipped wings. ay i didnt name drop. haha.. mgsalita na ang guilty but congrats again friend. so happy for you!

i love the title. so optimistic. :) congrats to your friend. :)

congrats to your friend. ;)


@kikit. thank you miss. :)

@max. ay anjan ka pala max. hehe..