a sad Tuesday

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Tuesdays are no better than Mondays. Other than not getting enough sleep still, I'm swamped with reports that need to be finished, other than that I need to attend to two meetings wherein I'm not even sure if my presence is needed. I usually just sit there and pretend I understand what everyone is talking about while I doodle on my notebook, fighting the urge to doze off and snore while everyone shares their two cents of the issue at hand.

This Tuesday however is a bit sad. We had our early "team huddle" and other than talking about our means of reaching out to those victims of the recent typhoon, we were informed that one of our co-workers passed away. She is not the kind of girl who goes to work with her face caked with foundation and make-up or what have yous. She is not the typical corporate slave who works for all the vanities in life she wants. And it's sad to see that someone so young and full of life at 21 was taken away without warning.

She was a consistent top performer in their account from the very start and until the last day that she went to work, she's been thinking of how her team will perform and the food that she needs to bring to the table. She helps her dad who is a baker feed the family but her income is what's keeping the family stay afloat.

A scholar and a cum laude graduate in one of the finest universities in this city, she never failed her family and kept their spirit alive with her promises that soon enough she will haul them out of poverty. Until her last day of work she never thought of anything else but the welfare of the team and offset the others' absenteeism even though she is already suffering with a terrible headache. I salute you for your unselfish ways of approaching your stressful job.

After schooling she applied to this company and got hired and was about to be regularized a month from now but I guess that will no longer happen. As she was still under probationary, she still doesn't have any life insurance and that is now her family's bane. That day, from work she was already complaining about her headache until she asked her mother to rush her to the hospital because she can no longer stand the pain. Hours after she fell, into a coma. She joined the Creator the next day after being pronounced dead due to aneurysm.

The saddest part is, now that she is gone the family is crippled with the bills and until they can pay the PhP72,000 the hospital won't release her body. I understand that that's how hospitals work, "business is business" but they should also find means to bend the rules without breaking it. If only I have resources to bitch slap those greedy hospital administrators with the money they need I could have done that but for now, I guess what I can offer is my little help and my prayers.

You are a loss not just to your family and friends but to your team and to the industry. A promising young lady full of zest to prove to the world that you can make it despite the financial hurdles. I tip my hat to you and I hope that wherever you are right now, you will be in peace looking and watching over your loved ones.

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I can't believe the hospital won't release the body.

@peach tart. happens a lot here in the Philippines.

money down.

kaibgan, condolence...wala bang financial assistance man lang na maibigay ang kumpaniya?hindi biro ang mamatay..i had a co worker in dzbb who died also of aneurysm...sana may gawin man lang ang kumpaniya ninyo for her family

wala din ba siya kahit sss or philhealth?

kaibigan, ito ang kontak number ng public service arm ng media outfit kung saan ako nagwo-work..02-928-7109 at 02-920-0915...hanapin mo kahit sino sa mga ito (jay, dianne, paulo, james o nicko)..sabihin mo nirefer ka ni erick frago..they can help the family of your co-worker..

ingat ka po parati..sana minsan makatext kita...o email..erick_frago@yahoo.com


hi kaibigan.

the company signed the promissory note and the body has been released already. i'm not sure with the financial assistance but each account took the initiative of donating something to the family.

i will relay the info to her teamlead and hopefully that will help.

you do the same. thank you.

this is sad. :( a reminder for all of us to seize the day and be thankful for what we have because we'll never know when it will all be taken away.

prayers to her and to her family.

reading your blog made me remember Paulo Coelho's line in his book, Veronika Decides to Die. "the awareness of death makes us want to live life more intensely!"

that's very tragic. I hope the hospital would release her body.

the weather today is death-like gloomy.

this story is so sad. i feel sorry for her family.

hey, i enjoy reading your blogs. will put a link to your blog in my street. :)