the distinctions of men and sea critters on a sunday night

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It’s been awhile since I started my hiatus from going to bars and dancing to the beat of eargasmic music like a totally inept person (I know, I suck at dancing).

So since I promised a friend that I will finally come out of my cave, I tagged along last Sunday to yet another bingeing with them. (My friends are so good with punishing their livers almost every weekend.)

After an hour or so of howling like a pack of deranged hyenas at a videoke shop, we decided to check out the infamous Numero Doce. For a Sunday, the place was still packed with regular drunkards.

They spotted some of their friends, made some beso and finally settled next to two guys whose names I can no longer recall. The middle-aged guy was a doctor and the other one was a nurse who was able to smite my friends heart faster than he can spell f-c-u-k. That’s another blog entry of course.

While everyone was busy nursing on their beers, I just sat there and scanned the place for anyone interesting. For some reason my radar wont pick up anyone worth the attention within a 50 mile radius. Tsk…tsk… I feel so out of place. So I started a conversation with the person to my right.

Me: For a Sunday, the place is still peopled with all these butterflies or whatever you call them.

Friend: Yeah! Look at those prawns! (pasayans).

Me: I know right. This place is like an extension of District 9.

Friend: So you’ve seen the movie?

Me: Yeah! Went to see the flick instead of UP.

Friend: And look at those old closet fags. I think they’ve just realized that Numero Doce is their kind of place. They look so straight acting but look at how they sway their hips. (Incidentally, Single Ladies was booming in the background.)

Me: Haha. You are such a bitch!

Most of my friends are mean and their meanness comes really handy when you’re bored and in dire need of entertainment.

Friend: Look at that guy. I swear he looks like Manny Pacquiao.

Me: Buang! So if guys with hot bodies with not so pleasant to look at faces are called prawns, what do you call his type? (referring to Mr. Manny)

Friend: They are the sea urchins! They are still part of the food chain although they are at the very bottom. When one is inebriated, the sea urchins go up a notch in the food chain and seem to blend with the prawns. One wouldn’t make out the difference and by then it wouldn’t matter anyway.

And true enough, before the end of the night he was gyrating with this random guy who looked at him as if he’s about to eat him alive. Sea urchins are dangerous. In Vino Et Veritas!

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bagong category ito!

hahaha new label! winner!

hahhaha I can spell FcUk in nano seconds... i'm not saying am good in spelling or whatever...

the nurse guy?!

no way jose... told you career is my priority as of these days...

and you are mean too... that's why we are friends...

was it eric who said that which by the way has been wanting to know our URL? hahhaa or fred?

@eternal wanderer. ganun nga!

@geek. sabihin mo yan sa friend ko. haha.

@clipped wings. friendship, i wasnt dropping names. guilty ka namn mashadow. haha. :P