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I am currently listening to monster radio and they are talking about gay-straight relationship and the ever "baffling" question came up:

If a straight guy will get into a relationship with a gay guy sans the "benefits" issue, will that make the "straight guy" gay???

Duh! That shouldn't even be categorize as baffling.

And then one gay guy made a comment: "Guys, come out! Come out! Mainit sa loob ng closet!"

I like! and yes, I'm now slacking.

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When I read that question, I thought "DUH!" too.

haha agree!

thanks for following by the way.. followed u na din.. :)

wanna xchange links? :D

nice blog!

@eye_spy and knox..actually the post has nothing to do with phones..i used it as an euphemism of the things that i need to let go...of the things that i need to treasure...


about your post, hindi po ako magcocomment..kasi diyan ako napahamak kaya iniwan ako ng bestfriend ko..hehehe

Nevr, under any circumstances, get together with a straight guy.

Your man-gina will never be a match to the real thing lolz

@constructive attitude. i hear that question a lot of times and everytime i do, i get the itch to smack the person on the head.

@markie. your space is interesting. sure thing. thanks for droppin by.

@<*period*>;. awww.. thats sad to hear. hope you'll be able to patch things up.

@eternal wanderer. ay never tlga! haha