these two are a crazy bunch and i think they should go separate ways...

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Who is to be blamed?

Boy says he is truly-madly-deeply (yes like the song!)in love with the girl. Girl is head over heels over Boy. It was kizmet or so that's what they think. The moment they met up, they were like a crazy wake of vultures pecking at each other. They were happy and it seems like they just can't get enough of each other. Everything went smoothly the first few months. Until one day...

Boy suddenly started to doubt Girl's intentions. He summoned his minions and started investigating Girl, sleuthing wherever Girl goes and checking on her every now and then. Girl said she always doubt Boy's loyalty and feels that Boy has a lot of side dishes and she doesn't like that. She checked on Boy's emails and found out that Boy has a lot of monkey business.

Boy's effort to rummage the skeletons inside Girl's closet was fruitful. He found out that aside from him, Girl has a two other paramours and are still contacting her every now and then. Boy got mad but never said anything to Girl because he "loves" her.

Then Girl figured out one of Boy's darkest secrets. Boy is married! Girl feels like dying. She is hurting and thinks that the world is over for her.

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this story is so f-ed up! buti nga sa kanilang dalawa! bagay nga sila.. sana magsama sila habang buhay hahahah

@markie. di ka naman galit nyan? hehe..

and karma makes the world go round.


@ew. as in! bow.

for me, in a relationship, secrets are ticking time bombs that in time, would blow up the whole thing.

transparency is the detonator. ;)

@max. couldnt agree with you more.

well they both sounded obsessed and psychotic to begin with.

oh no....that is sooooo sad. hay nako... which even makes my stand stronger about marriage. I'm not getting married (not anytime soon anyway.) . There is no such thing as happily ever after. Things like that scare me. =(

and they even call it "love"?! :(