which is more painful: getting cheated emotionally or physically?

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While waiting for the meeting to start, one of my officemates nonchalantly asked me:

"Which is more painful, being cheated emotionally or physically?"

“What's this all about?” I asked. And before I was able to open my mouth again, the person next to me butted in gave her thoughts. According to her for them girls, being cheated emotionally is more painful. I looked at her and said, “You're not even a girl for crying out loud!” For that I got a smack on the head. Ouch! Ok, I deserved that.

“It's the other one for us guys. Knowing that you're being cheated physically is way painful and I know how it feels,” my guy friend answered. Boohoo!

The topic became an instant issue during the meeting that we get to talked about cheating instead of going directly to the issue that needs to be addressed. I say, there is no difference. One is as bad as the other and no matter how you look at it, there's just no good that will come out of it.

Then I found out that she thinks her husband is cheating on her and she partly takes the blame. Sad. Really.

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i read this somewhere. dapat mas masakit ang getting cheated physically kasi the cheater decides on whether or not to bed someone. ibig sabihin, may choice not to cheat.

one doesnt decide on whether or not to fall in love. love happens na lang

Not quite sure what it means to be cheated on physically. Does that mean sleeping with someone else but not having strong emotions for the person? Does it cover purely one-night stands? In which case, that can still be considered cheating emotionally because if you are happy in your relationship, why seek sex with other people?

LOL you're hilarious. I don't know which one is worse. Emotional cheating could happen everytime everywhere though, because it doesn't even need two people in the same place for that to happen.

And poor girl, she should've never taken the blame.

@mandaya. i say masakit if you are being cheated in any form.

@demigoddess. i think the two are more likely intertwined. nevertheless cheating is cheating and is a no no.

@andhari. i agree. i'm not sure why some people are feeling so martyr like and put the blame on themselves.

they are the same... that is cheating.. but the question is which is more painful....

i think they are equally painful.. hahhaha

@clippedwings. really? but which one do you enjoy the most? haha!

They are both bad but I think being cheated on physically would hurt more.

@the peach tart. i would like to think so too.. thanks for droppin by.

your page is funny. following...