round one, fight!

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I hate Mondays just like everyone else. I don't get to have enough sleep and I usually go to work feeling groggy and irritable. (So yeah, don't talk to me the moment I stepped in the office on a Monday shift, I bite.) Anyhow, since I don't want to force myself to go to dreamland this afternoon as that will just give me a headache, I decided to go to the mall with mom. We headed to the nearest mall and had our late lunch after which I had some games downloaded to my PSP.

The store for downloading was near the foodcourt and for some freakin reason the place was crowded with teenagers. I hate them. Not because I am old and they are young but because I hate how they look. I have nothing against gothic-emo-looking teenagers or however you want to describe them but it would be beneficial for everyone if they could atleast take a shower before heading to a populated place like the mall.

Now this post is not mainly about them and about me being sore because of seeing them but rather its about catfight. Yes, I love to see girls fighting. Not just the verbal argument and what have yous but the real pugilism, hair grabbing and slapping sans the boxing ring. Oh yeah! Girls are just so sexy when they bare their fangs and feline claws.

While waiting for the downloading to be done, my mom and I were busy looking at those action figures the store was selling. Suddenly a commotion started outside. And lo and behold, two girls were grabbing a handful of each other's hair. Sexy! Then there was slapping and kicking and more hair grabbing. It was like a scene out of a movie and I my eyes were glued to the two. Then of course the guards came and pacified the two and brought them to I don't know where. I was sad. Show is over. Back to normal programing people.
Kids these days are warfreaks and they are a source of unlimited entertainment, I tell you!

I was feeling nosy that time so I asked around what happened before that. I was told that the two were arguing over a guy when suddenly the shorter girl threw her cellphone to the other girl and it hit her on the face. Whapppakkkk! I'm pretty sure she'll be having a pretty little bump on her head. I would be pretty impressed with myself if I were the guy, I mean who in his or her right mind would start a fight inside the mall because of an effin boy?? I say bring in the boxing gloves and the mouth piece but can we just do it inside the boxing ring?

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haha i hate them too. i didn't realize there were gothic emo teens in philippines! i'll be moving to cebu next year. ^_^

HAHAHAHAHA! Well, I bet that brightened up your Monday, eye_spy.

Everyone loves a good catfight, either as a spectator or a combatant.

Personally, I'd rather see the fur fly. Girls are especially fun to watch, because they take such a long, long time to finish.

As one old friend used to quip:
"Entonces, hair-pulling incident?"

@eternal wanderer. that sounds like a kitten. haha.

@floreta. ohh.. would love to see u in the flesh. welcome back!

@rudeboy. it sure did. =)

oh gosh, tell me about it. Gothic emo teens are getting on my nerves too. Not only do they smell but they are a really rowdy rude bunch.
Oh wow, a cat fat on a monday huh? What a great way to start your week. I wish something interesting like that happened around here.

I'd stomp any girl who wishes to fight with me with my stiletto. I'm gonna go for the chin. Why haven't I seen this in the malls? maybe i havent spent too much time in Ayala or SM as of late..

hahahah i love to watch catfights, too.. but i just can't believe how pathetic and scandalous those two girls were.. they should be ashamed of themselves.. it was such an ego-booster for the guy hahaha!

I personally haven't seen two people actually fighting. I always see them after the fight, though. Hmp