the day i realized some kids are really evil

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Cheryl of never failed to amuse me every time I go to her page and sleuth her. She is the first blogger I came across who posted an entry about kids being Satan worshippers. And incidentally she was the first person I thought of yesterday when I came across this real Satan worshipper of a kid. For the first time I looked at kids as despicable mean creatures and I was itching to just smack him on the head if only that's politically correct.

Anyhow, I met up with a friend yesterday afternoon and decided to hang out at a cafe to play DOTA. We stayed there for hours and when our stomachs were complaining that its about time to eat, we headed to Jollibee to grab some chow. The place was jam-packed since its a Sunday and the mass from the nearest church just ended.

So we chose a spot and I sat down to reserve the seats while my buddy ordered the food. There were kids running around and the entire place was a riot of unruly imps. I was busy texting with my other friend asking him to come and join us when suddenly I felt something on my back. It was wet. Cold at the same time.

I looked back and there he was, the spawn of Satan. Pretending to be innocent while covering his mouth as if shocked with what he just did. I can sense that he was snickering inside. I got up and felt the ice cream dripping on my shirt. The cone dropped to the floor with a flop and I was like what the f*** do you think you're doing you creep??

I was probably already red on the face because the kid ran towards his mom. I could have eaten him alive right there and then. He could have made a good main course. The mom didn't even bother apologizing for what her kid did to me but she just sat there and laughed! She effing laughed at what happened!

The worst part was my friend laughed along with her and I was left all alone about to explode that I can feel my veins pulsating in my temples. Grrrr.. I hate kids!

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hahaha. take it easy. shit happens.

chill. literally, haha.

@maxwell. i know right. that kid was a live shit. lol

what can u expect from cebuanos like her? staying in cebu for 2 years made me realize that uneducated cebuanos will never apologize!

i just hate kids with no breeding! if i were in that situation, i would have gone to that kid's mother and smothered her with palabok and ketchup!

im sure, umusok ang ilong mo at umikot ang mga mata mo sa galit!

tsk tsk..definitely not your day..hehehe

There are cherubic kids.

And there are kids from hell.

I think I was of the good kind ;)

hahahah gosh, i was laughing my lungs out with the "spawn of Satan" wahahahah!

sorry for laughing at your experience :D but it was really funny :D

oh no! what an awful kid, but what's even worse was his mom's behavior. She should have been a better example and at least should have apologized on her kid's behalf. Laughing at what happened only makes it seem as though nothing was wrong and the kid would never learn anything. tsk tsk....