Aling Dionisia

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This lady sure is having her fair share of the limelight with her son. Of course, not everyone enjoyed looking at her face plastered on our tubes but you can complain all you want and she won't give a rat's ass. I personally don't take pleasure looking at her every time her ads come up on TV and I get to see her on the news dancing the tango but I don't detest her that much either.

A friend however makes a huge fuzz every time he sees her. She is his brand of pet peeve and I really enjoy seeing him cringe at the sight of her. Every time I receive something in the mail about her I never fail to forward it to my friend. And lookie here, this is what I got the moment I opened my mail his --- personal bugbear.

In all fairness she looks close to being 14 again here.

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LOL What's she like? Like some sort of cougar or attention grabbing celebrity or something over there?


now that you mentioned cougar every time i look at the picture i am thinking of the big cat ready to leap out of the monitor and take a chunk out of my neck.

Nyak! She's an "actress" now. >_<